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I am no fun when I'm mushy & introspective, so moving on from all my PMS bullshit...

A. a 41 year old man from Long Island who is shorter than me just winked at me on match.com... quick, let me jump on that one!

2. I am scalping one of my Friday Radiohead tickets outside the Bowery tonight. I have never "scalped" a ticket before, but thanks to the genius that is Craig's List, people just started offering me money over face- and REALLY I am not in a position to turn them down out of some sort or misplaced sense of morality.

D. I just read through PETA's Faq's. They are (if it's at all possible) even more utterly ridiculous than I previously thought. For real. I have sheared sheep, I have seen chickens lay eggs... it ain't hurting them none. Also, screw anybody who thinks that an animal's life is more important than a human's... I'm sorry, but in my mind that is just WHACK. If 16,000,000 rats have to die to find a cure for even one TYPE of cancer - then fucking So. Be. It. (and I'm sorry if I'm offending any of my mild-mannered vegetablarian firends, my rage is primarily directed AT the faq answers, not at you)

5. Robyn brought this very important Health Bulletin to my attention. I shared it with Boy D & he promptly offered to help me out with it, as my health is VERY important to him. I thanked him for his kind offer as I often have trouble finding volunteers for that service. *insert eye roll*

uh, I can't remember what comes after 5...oh, I think G.

G. going to the Bowery tonight mostly to see The Fever. I might stay for a little of The Kills set too, Audrey thinks it'll be short - I can probably tolerate that. Who knows, maybe I'll like them better this time around - I think last time the smoking ban had just started & I was fiending something firece while Alison Kills was puffing away & I'm pretty sure that just soured me on them...

8. The Village Voice has dubbed Laura with the honored title of "Best Scenester" in their annual "Best Of New York" issue. We're all so proud. *a tear is shed* Also... this is forcing us to re-consider the idea that considering our proximity to Laura & our habit of stalking her, WE ourveryselves might actually BE considered a scenester... this is troubling. Especially since we consider ourselves a thoroughly less-hip-than-thou Bridge&Tunnel gal.