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The Sentimental Things Apply...

I wonder about my romantic imagination sometimes & why it is so strong... but it's always been that way. And I realize that for all my careful planning, and no matter how I work to set certain scenes... the true romantic moments in my life simply find me. All the candles, or moonlight cruises, all the Bed & Breakfasts in the world can't match the magic in the moments I have had. My fist kiss in the woods, under the stars; a walk along the Seine with the soft lights of Paris laid out before me; a kiss in the middle of my favorite movie, a long talk on the beach with the waves lapping at my toes; a gentle knock on my window revealing a visitor under the streetlamps... these are the moments that find me in all of their romantic splendor. Somehow they found me because in my heart, I still believe in all of the magic and romance that love and life have to offer. But what I think I often forget is that magic is fleeting. Even in my beloved fairytales it is true... Cinderella's carriage eventually turns back into a pumpkin, and though magic lights the way to happily ever after that classic ending we all search for is made up of real things... of love and trust and shared dreams. And so, instead stringing my life together from one magic moment to the next, I should remember take the time to appreciate the smaller wonders that appear in my life everyday. Besides, if I spend my days waiting for the next magic moment, I very well may will it out of existence. ;)



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Oct. 7th, 2003 10:45 am (UTC)
these two entries are really great... not only that YOU'RE realizing this stuff.. but it's good for ME to read that as well. (mostly good for you though. :D )

thank you.
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