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Ramble on...

So... how do you go from being double-booked for Saturday to not seeing EITHER boy all weekend? Easy. Just be ME. *Sigh* Only in my life - right?

Bear with me... having not updated in a week, this ought to be loooong. But hopefully entertaining? As we can ALL find something to laugh about in my life *insert eye roll*

So, I suppose I should start at the beginning with my being evil & emailing BoyA last weekend. This was, in no uncertain terms, an attempt to make him feel like he had blown me off post our coital adventure, possibly creating guilt, and effectively getting me off the hook for not having called him. It (obviously) worked like a charm & by Tuesday night I had an email, a voicemail & a phone call. Am obviously brilliant romantic mastermind :-D When we finally spoke on Tuesday, he's all about this festival in Brooklyn on Saturday, which I agree to "maybe" attend, and to meet up with him there if I do go. All well & good, right?

Now for a brief recap on where we were with Boy2... When we last left this saga, he had discovered the journal & had vowed not to continue reading. We had several inconsequential im conversations over the weekend wherein we did NOT discuss the journal (whether he was freaked out by it, whether it had inflated his ego to astronomical proportions) because why would we possibly want to disrupt our perfect track record of not discussing matters of consequence? Right. So... after feeling mildly retarded about the journal thing, I managed to let it go by Monday. After all, the boy is cool and having him as a friend might not be a terrible thing. ('course I'm not saying that more kissing would be shunned or anything, actually a friends with benefits situation would be ideal, but I'm trying not to push my luck here) So, blah blah im conversation on Monday, he might come to Sin-e, he doesn't, we have a nice chat with him around midnight... he's adorably high & rambling like a bit of a lunatic, but does manage to ask us what else we're up to for the week. Wednesday I message him about ALF & Ambulance LTD at the Merc, (who, btw were both FABULOUS. My first time seeing ALF & they completely blew me away, such a great sound... thrashy & fun & over the top. Ambulance played sans-keyboardist for what they deemed would be a very MBV-esque performance. I had mixed feelings about that... the keyboard added a softer dream-like quality , but I did like the harder, edgier guitar-only sound, and without the dreamier vocals, I'm not so sure how accurate the MBV reference really was...) he calls back & declines. Paranoid about running into him on Saturday with insta-boyfriend, I ask if he's going to the Prospect Festival. Totally didn't need to. He hadn't even heard of it, but now that I brought it up, he's interested & says we should definitely meet up there. Greeeeeeat. Double booked again. Scott Baio would be so disappointed in me...

Brief interjection on the possibility of a "Boy5": I hesitate in officially bestowing the title upon him, as he may not really remain in the picture, nor am I absolutely certain that he'll fall into the "Romantic" category. But having said this, I met him Wednesday night & really did have a great time talking with im as much as we did. He's not a musician (yay!) he's a rock-writer (double yay!) and he's single :) So, we'll see... hopefully we'll start running into him a little more often.

Moving on to Friday... I call boyA back to talk about Saturday. Now he's not sure if he's going ($25, yadda, yadda...oyster festival, blah, blah, fish cakes) but he says if I'm going, or if I come into the city at all, I should call him & we'll meet up or something. Also, I should call him after the show I'm going to that night, maybe we'll hang late night (read: have sex). I get to the Bowery around 10ish. The Realistics aren't going on until 12. I wander about with Audrey meeting a slew of people including various members of Asobi Seksu (not the 3 members I'd previously met), Blue Sparks, and The Natural History (including the hottest guy I've met in like forever. It was really very cool that so many people showed up -- not only for The Realistics, but for Audrey & Jo who were promoting/ presenting the evening... they seriously had the Bowery pretty packed if not sold out. Fairly unimpressed with the opening bands Mr. North & Jonny Lives (one of whom, though I'm not sure which, particularly sucked & pretty much looked like leftovers from Soul Asylum) we kept to the lounge with it's ready supply of alcohol, occasionally mosey-ing out into the arctic October night for a smoke (note to the world: NYC smokers WILL revolt this winter, mark my words...). We eventually all took our places for the Realistics (front & center, duh) wherein it finally became clear to me that my favorite new acquaintance Dennis, was in fact, the lead singer of The Realistics!!?! lol. this was highly amusing to me... I never know anything - seriously. Same thing happened Wednesday when I met one of Ashley's friends outside the Merc who ended up being IN Aerial Love Feed. Anyhoo. To make us whet our appetite for the boys a litle longer, out came this Kevin Bacon meets Kevin Dillon(who, thank you imdb, shares a birthday with me) kid who calls himself Baby Dayliner and proceeds to sing along to some pre-recorded music... highly amusing, even laughable at first, but he definitely managed to win over the crowd with his 3 song mini-set. So the Realistics finally got onstage around 1 ish & proceeded to rock the house down. So impressed with Dennis, so impressed with the band, really hope they get a new record deal soon :) The after party was slated for Lit, and Steve-o & I arrived, caught a couple of peeps & waited for Audrey. Now, for the un-informed, Lit is possibly the last bar standing where you can light up with you beer in hand... but this can only be done in the basement (dungeon?). At first I found the idea truly exhilarating, but soon enough, the smoke trapped in the palpably sauna-like dungeon of a basement became nearly unbearable, and once the moshing broke out, we headed up & out w/o finding Audrey or Dennis. Luckily with *did* run into Amy & Giulia who divulged that Dennis was disenchanted with Lit & that everyone was now headed to 2A. As it was nearing 3 am, I decided to sit out the relocation & head home instead. But to add one last bit of fun to my night, I ran into Baby Dayliner on the way back to my car. LOL. I complimented him on his performance & he's all, "where're you going!?" - guess he's a little starved for fans :-P I explained about the after party debacle & sent him on his way to 2A... hope he found it alright. And yeah, at 3 am, I wasn't really about calling BoyA. Even if it had been a different booty call, I was craving my own bed in the worst way & there was no sex on the planet that would have had me driving out to brooklyn.

soooooooooooooo. Saturday rolls around. What a fucking cold, miserable day. It's kinda-sorta raining on & off, and even when it's "off" it's still that kind of chill you to the bone dampness going on. So, not really a day for a festival. I certainly wasn't going to drag my ass down there to stand around & freeze while waiting for Radio 4, Soviet, or Outhud. Well, not to worry... there was a vm from a very hung-over Boy2, saying basically the same thing. [Sidebar: If you're not, per say "officially" invited to a party, but yet a half dozen of your closest acquaintances ask you if you're going.. do you go? If you're me, you stress about it for a little while, but ultimately decide to attend in the interest of cementing new friendships] When I popped online to try & recall where Jo & Eliiot's birthday bash was supposed to be, up popped Boy2. Blah, blah, voice mail, blah blah raining, blah, blah $25, blah blah birthday stuff tonight. I laugh for a minute wondering if we're going to the same party, but eventually realize that his thing is dinner at 8 & mine is heavy drinking at 10. We decide that he will call me after his dinner thing is over to see where I am (I still haven't figured out the locale). Head down to the party (which, thank you Audrey & Laura, is at Lolita) get there about 10:30. Haven't called BoyA back at all & kind of forget to as the night progresses. I walk in the door & smack into Audrey who is buzzing nicely & shrieks in an adorably french way at my alcoholic tee. Sarah is spinning some excellent tunes up front, including some new & VERY exciting Interpol & our much requested Stellastarr*. Laura immediately gives us the long "highlights" version of her finally telling her loser-ex-non-boyfriend to quit calling her. Dennis makes a beeline for me to thank me for coming to the show, apologize for not coming to Lit & just generally be adorable & sweet. Several beers later, I'm outside chatting up Jinners & co & I realize I haven't heard from Boy2, so I call him & leave a rambly message about being at Lolita & he can call back or I'll just talk to him whenever. I had a brilliant time drinking & chatting, he went with the "whenever" option & I haven't heard from him since. Really it was all-good. There was cake involving Oreo cookies, Jasper spotted me a clove, Jo thanked me for coming (phew!) and while driving Laura home we ended up taking a scenic tour of South Street Seaport circa 2:30 AM. lol. All in all, the most fun a girl could have in a weekend that didn't involve carnal activities ;)


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