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I hope you had the time of your life...

So tell me... who actually GETS emails like these? I mean, seriously! Have any of you ever gotten a "have a nice life" email? Because this is like the 4th one I've gotten from K. It's retarded. Even though we're not together, he still breaks up with me every 6 months. It's like fucking clockwork. I don't know... what does it mean when the person who should know you best cannot stand for you to be in their life for more than 6 months at a time? Am I that exhausting? Do I put my friends through an emotional ringer without knowing it? whatEVER.

"Ok, so, I've been thinking, and for various reasons, the above email address [work] being just 1, I don't think we can/should continue to chat/talk/converse/interact like we have been. A number of events, including rereading my very own journal entries lead me to this decision. You aren't good for me, and I am not good for you. Let's face it and move on from the pain and nastiness we caused each other. I have deleted you from all my communications tools (internet & phone), and ask that you please do the same for my information. I'm sorry if you feel this is a harsh request, but, understand it or not, this is the way I feel it needs to be, after much soul searching and thought. Thank you for your friendship and involvement in my life."



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Oct. 22nd, 2003 07:50 am (UTC)
Here's why... a better explanation than I could offer
"He also said that most love affairs or romantic relationships are usual a trifecta for a particular person. There's you. Your mate. And usuallly a either platonic friend or someone you can't get over. There is alway a third party. Some how, some way. There's this third person that influences the relationship you are in now. And that made alot of sense to me. For me it's Michael, For Tim it's Amy, for Noelle it's John, for Schjanna it's Jon... nearly every single person I know has that person that just marks them with either their presence or their indeliable mark on their memory and emotions. Because even if you are over someone something will always linger."
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