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It can't rain all the time...

- so spoke Eric Draven, right? Little did he know he was referring to my love-life.
[Mini-rant: why is it called a love life? Didn't we just establish the other day that love has absolutely nothing to do with my various sexcapdes? thought so. okay then, so I'm going to call it something else entirely... sex life might suffice if I were actually having some, nookie-life? i dunno... I'm going to have to think about that one. /rant]

Well, it was inevitable... I couldn't very well have hook-up every week for a solid month! I mean, really. I was defying the laws of nature as it was... hooking up this weekend might well have caused a serious rift in reality as we know it (or possibly the time-space continuum). So. if you were reading strictly to satiate your burning desire to know whether or not I go laid this weekend... rest assured, there was no nookie & I promise that the rest of this entry will not contain any sordid tales of my exploits.

Backtracking... Friday.
So, to FINALLY answer the question that has burning on most of your lips... YES. Boy2 has discovered the journal. We had a brief internet chat on Friday during which this fact was revealed. Let's play interpreter, shall we? He said, "it's interesting to see my exploits through someone else's eyes". And also that he is now determined not to read it... in the interest of "information fairness". So... I know what I think, but I'm curious to see how your particular biases spin that. So a warm welcome then for Boy 2 *waves* despite the fact that you are supposedly not actually reading.... yeah. *waves again* :oP

What do you do when you're nearly flat broke & but you need to find something to wear out on Saturday? Yup. L&T. Broke out the plastic (my ONLY credit card) spent a buck ten, and got me an excellent low cut (church cleavage) slate blue stretchy satin top, a fan-fucking-tastic black satin skirt, and the most comfy "I want to be Debbie Harry" red & black striped top. Ooh la la, I have been so shopping-deprived lately, that hearing that cash-register jingle seriously made me tingle in all the right places. ;)

So, I cruised down to "shin-ay" (okay, okay, I've given in. But ONLY because I found out that the name is gaelic or celtic or something & I like to keep up the pretense that I'm Irish) to check out "The Forms". An excellent set... a totally different crowd at sin-e than Thursday -- apparently a good deal of the crowd was made up of the drummer's family. heh. I met "Uncle Greg" outside, they seem to be a pretty tight clan & fairly dedicated to have all schlepped down from Rockland like that. I took a bunch of pictures in a vain attempt to finally master the lighting scheme at Sin-e, and I chatted up the soaking wet Alex Tween after their show. A note about Alex: Alex is very cute. He's tall, he's lanky, he's incredibly talented. He's funny in the most adorable way, and for reasons I can't begin to understand -- I am not attracted to him. I mean, even way back when we were 15 and Katie was working very hard on his behalf to get us together... nothing. (course I was madly in love with Bobby at the time...) I adore Alex, and I really thought that this whole 10 years later bit would leave me lusting after his rock-star self... but I'm beginning to see that he's going to fall solidly into that platonic category that I've been neglecting as of late.


Preparation for the social event of the season started out pretty early - like say, 2ish, with a trip across the street to the Salon for some beautification (mainly tips on my thumbs to pretend there's been any new nail growth there in the last month). Now, there is something particularly poignant/ironic/hysterical about lying on a table with a strange Korean woman plucking stray hairs from your bikini line whilst Donna Summers belts out "She works hard for the money". No... FOR REAL. If I wasn't concentrating on holding back the urge to yelp in pain, I would have died laughing. And I honestly believe it may have contributed to the outlandish tip I gave her. I took some time out from my day to rant for a bit about the concept of buying gifts for an ENGAGEMENT party. Now... I am poor. This couple is not. I will, however, over the course of the next year, spend at least $300 on them - which would include 3 gifts plus my share of the bachelorette. It's just a little insane. I appreciate the families wanting to celebrate their good fortune, but to be registered & receiving gifts a year in advance of your wedding? Come on! What's that about? At this rate there'll be nothing left to get them for the wedding itself!! Anyhow. I decided to buck the registry & bought them a nice bottle of Taittinger and wrapped it up with a pair of toasting glasses. That has become by signature engagement gift & I think I'm going to stick with it for a while...

I walk into the party in the fashionably late style that all my friends have become accustomed to, drop off the gift, pick up a glass of Pinot Grigio, and survey the party... feeling a little smug about the fact that I am perfectly attired for the event. New satin top, black pants hemmed specifically for my pointy-toed heels... sterling beaded bracelet, sterling figure eight necklace hair blown out & pinned back a la "Valley of the Dolls". I looked DAMN good if I do say so myself... which I didn't have to, as I was a compliment magnet all night. :-D Pretty good for not being the bride-to-be. lol. Contrary to my expectations, there was not a crowd of ivy-eating friends with whom we were not acquainted... It was pretty much just the two families (definitely the country club set, but hey, we were expecting that) and us. "US" being the old-school Eastchester crew, and it was SO good to see the boys again... It really is true... now that everyone's separated into couple-dom, we're seeing less & less of each other. But it was like old times when I took everyone out front to check out the bug & they oohed & ahhed over the turbo & the HP & the wheels :) I even let Anthony(1) take it around the block & show me how to peel the wheels (which of course leads directly to it's stalling out, as it's automatic) i heart my boys :) they're the best boys-I-will-never- sleep-with EVER, love them. So, we actually managed to have a really nice time at the party, which carried over into a very nice time at - where else? Molly's. Then to tack on the perfect evening to an old-school kind of night... hello 3 am cheese fries & gravy @ The Odyssey. Wow. Hadn't been there in a really, really long time - certainly not with Jimmy & Mike. Yippee. There is precious little in this world that a well placed cheese fry can't fix.

On deck for tonight? I'll make a run for "Queen of Sin-e" by going back yet AGAIN, for the Artrocker presentation of "The Brunch Mummies"(9 pm), "The Oxford Collapse" (10 pm), and "Some Action" (11pm). A post-punk / punk-revival / something kind of night that is sure to wake me the hell up ;)


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Sep. 29th, 2003 02:26 pm (UTC)
that "works hard for the money" story had me laughing out loud.
Sep. 29th, 2003 03:53 pm (UTC)
seriously! I mean, what was I supposed to do? The timing involved there was just absolutley ridiculous! lol.
( 2 spankings — spank your inner moppet )