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kiss and tell, we never lie...

so i took a quiz today that asked me how many people I've ever kissed. And those of you who know me well know that I actually used to keep a pretty close record of that. I even devoted an entire meme-style post to the subject in 04. which i took the liberty of updating today (to the best of my ability). For those of you too lazy to do the math, this means I've kissed exactly 20 people in the last 4 years. Not too shabby.

"People I've Kissed: A Demographic Study, Reconsidered"

(all references are to first kisses)

Total number of people kissed: 81
Male: 76
Female: 5
Caucasian: 74
African American: 2
Middle Eastern: 3
Asian: 1.5
Latino: .5
Jewish: 6.5
American: 75
Israeli: 1
British: 3
Kiwi: 1
Dutch: 1
Kisses that happened in New York: 55
New York City: 26
Boston: 2
Vermont: 1
Paris: 1
Maryland: 16
Colorado: 1
Florida : 2
North Carolina: 2
Texas: 1
St Thomas, USVI: 1
Age of youngest person kissed: 13
Age of oldest: 36
People born in 1977: 22
People who were younger: 16
Older: 33
Musicians: 19
(# of which were drummers: 9)
Artists: 3
Actors: 16
Bartenders: 4
Brothers: 2
Roommates: 6
Never saw again: 23
Know Full Name: 48
Know First Name Only: 22
Never caught name / don't remember it: 10
Matts: 7
Mikes: 3
Jims, Kevins, Scotts: 2 each
Weirdest name of person kissed: Boaz
Kisses initiated by me: 13
Kisses that took me by surprise: 8
Kisses instigated by games at Drama Parties: 6
Kisses that were technically cheating (on my part): 1
Kisses that were technically cheating (on their part): 3
Kisses that led immediately to second base: 37
Third base (conservative rules): 9
Home: 8
Whatever comes between third and home but isn't accounted for in the base system: 11
Kisses resulting in a ONS: 7
Kisses resulting in sexual assault: 1
Kisses that occurred in cars: 8
Away at school: 16
At summer camp: 1
In a bar: 26
While dancing: 5
While on vacation: 12
Most kisses over the course of a single evening: 7
Kisses I would take back if I could: 9
Kisses that occurred under the influence of alcohol: 67 (wow)
Kisses after which the person said "thank you": 2
Kisses that decimated friendships: 1
Kisses that were really really good: 7
Kisses that were really really bad: 8
Kisses that were supposed to be a secret: 3
Kisses that were: 0
Kisses that led to SEVERE infatuation: 12
Kisses that led to relationships: 5
Kisses that led to real love: 1