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so. how *do* you know when some one is blowing you off?
yeah. whatever. *insert eye roll*

so, moving on... I guess I'm down to juggling like 2.5 boys at the moment -- i know, it's a sad state of affairs, but one we're hoping to remedy by the end of this weekend. On deck tonight we have the lovely & talented Alex Tween leading The Forms at Sin-e (which by the way I've been saying wrong for like EVER, it apparently IS supposed to be "shin - ay", which i think is horribly pretentious, so i think i'm going to stick with calling it "sign - ee", it's much cooler that way, plus it reminds me of trigonometry) and I'm looking forward to that immensely, as i get such a kick out of seeing Alex up on stage - still totally makes me giggle ;)

Okay - interjection. A note about last night... out side of Sin-e, hanging out mid Pela set (who I was loathe to leave, as they were really, really good & I'm psyched that Aud & Jasper are going to have them at Vicious) getting a ciggie in before taking Audrey up to Union Square to "house" sit. Start chatting with some peeps, including a cute, albeit shorter, boy about driving, my new bug & cockroaches (for whatever reason…) He was totally cracking me up… definitely the same sense of humor. Then at some point Audrey was talking him to him about playing Vicious, so I ask him what band he's with. He looks at me either shyly or amazed that I didn't already know & points to the guy & girl next to him and says "Asobi Seksu, we're Asobi Seksu". lol. Well, I tell him about my misadventures with trying to see them at Plaid last week, dig the mp3's, looking forward to seeing them at Vicious, blah, blah, impressed cakes. This morning I realize I can't remember his name – or if we even exchanged names during the course of our 20 minute chat… so I pop on Asobi Seksu's site to see if I can figure that out … Keith. Yup. Hit me baby one more fucking time…. the DRUMMER. This is seriously some sort of cosmic joke. No – for REAL. How can this possibly keep happening? It's insane! I didn't even know he was in a fucking band when we started talking… *sigh*

Saturday night I have the prepped-out event of the season… the McCarthy-VanLeight engagement extravaganza. I *think* I've settled on cuffed black pants, pointy shoes & a yet-undetermined "cute top"… but I may have to hit up my L&T plastic tonight as I am unimpressed with my outfit. I mean, it's fine, but it could be MUCH cuter. And with a house full of drunk, preppy boys… well, cuter is definitely the direction I want to go. Heh. I haven't had me a nice preppy boy in… well, ever? No, no, that can't be right… there were frat boys & let me think about it for a moment… LOL, well, I guess since Billy!! Good thing it's HIS engagement party. rofl. Sorry – this probably isn't half as amusing to anyone else as it is to me. But yeah, I'm going hunting for a preppy this weekend. I'll be downing Gin & Tonics and canapés, I will not mention my affinity for indie rock, I will tie back my bangs, I will use a purse that is not leather or covered in buttons, I'll wear silk stocking with bows, and if all else fails… I may very well have to break out the pearls ;)

(btw… my brain is WAY too fried to even THINK about inserting links today, maybe I'll edit them in tomorrow)