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I guess I'll know, when I get there...

I love going to the movies alone. That sounds like something someone says when they don't have anyone to go with... but in my case, it's actually true. I almost always go to a town where I won't recognize anyone, I often go to the last showing. I've never had a screening all to myself, but I've come close. When you go alone, it's more like reading a book... you get to have to story all to yourself. Your laughter sounds louder, your tears run freely, it's a stolen moment all to yourself, just you and the movie in a darkened room. It becomes your own private escape from the world, from your life. You just bond with a film better this way. You can open yourself up to it, experience it more fully, let it relate to you, take all of your own baggage along for the ride... Come to think of it, in that way it's very much like driving. There are some trips designed for company, trips when you want someone along for the ride or to share the driving... but there's nothing like driving alone. Windows down, radio blasting... you can unabashedly sing your heart out just for you.

Tonight I went to see Elizabethtown. I went hoping that once again Cameron Crowe would somehow know exactly where I was in my life, and know where to take me, and I wasn't wrong. It was exactly the trip I needed to take tonight, it opened me up again. On the way home I listened to the same song four times over, each time it started, I twisted the volume knob up a few notches. The moon was full and bright, I saw Orion for the first time this season, and I sang and sang and believed in the words a little more each time. My heart was so full with the realization of hope, of the promise of taking a journey alone, that I nearly cried. That's the problem, I suppose, with being an eternal optimist - even a slightly cynical one... I can never stay angry at God, the world, or fate for too long. My pendulum may swing, but it lingers up twice for every sweep through the low. There IS a simplistic beauty, a singular joy in the journey itself. There may not be a destination, but there is always a horizon... and someday, there will be someone who'll let me take the ride, and know that when I get where I'm going... I'm coming home to him.


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Oct. 17th, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
Real-Time movie review
Are you kidding me? That movie was awful. As it was playing, I sent several text messages to Jen. Here was what they said:

"Orlando Bloom sounds like a bad movie trialer announcer every time he talks. It is distracting."

"I am starting to really hate this movie."

"I want to cut out my eyes like Oedipus."

"It started out with such potential. I think I will start drinking again."

"I am a masochist"

"Not only is this movie hell, but Alec Baldwin is in it, too."

"I want to punch Orlando Bloom just because of the way he talks."

"There were more groans in the theater for this movien than for a couple of Paulie Shore movies."

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