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Well now, here we are again. I had this whole idea for an entry about how warm & cuddly my bed was this morning & how the rain really made me just want to stay there… but now that it's all sunny outside, it hardly seems appropriate. So instead…. how about a re-cap of my Saturday night antics? 'Cause believe me, I didn't even TOUCH them in yesterday's post…

Actually, looking back, I *really* didn't mention any of Saturday at all… and that's where the Billy Joel lyric came from… Whoa... okay, backing up now to make some semblance of sense.

Saturday night. Was supposed to go to Molly's around 9, try & ditch out to catch Mike Henry & the Oxford Collapse at the BQE Lounge around 11, maybe see boy 2 while I was at it, end up back in Westchester in time to close Molly's with the gang… So, when Courtney called to say we were meeting up at her & Billy's place before Molly's, I wasn't terribly alarmed -- but I *should* have been. We started a round of drunk driver in "the ladies' parlor" and before I knew it, it was 11:20 & I was hammered. LOL. At that point I looked around, and considering that we'd already sang pretty much the entire catalogue of The Sound of Music in faux-operatic voices, the realizations kicked in that A)I wouldn't be leaving the apartment, 2)I'm in for the long haul & D)it's likely going to be all downhill from there… (which in terms of inebriation, it was) Before I got additionally liquor-fied, I called boy2 to announce that I was, in fact, hammered in Westchester, and there to stay. I don't really want to know the particulars of that conversation, I'm not even too sure on why I made the call in the first place… but I don't think it was horribly disturbing for him, as he sounded half in the bag himself.

Moving on… lets see. At the soiree were our gracious hosts, Billy & Courtney, the happily married Tara & Neal, my best girl Laura with her brand new – welovehimtodeath –fiancé Scott, Anthony2 & his girl Alex, myself and "the loose cannon" Jimmy D. So let's count… that's 4 couples plus a boy and a girl. I'd say that qualifies Jim as my de facto date for the evening, wouldn't you? right, well i really don't care what you think anyways, we're just going to call him that to make the rest of the evening easier to swallow, okay? thanks. what else… okay, we're worshipping the ipod, especially Tara who is now telling Neal she needs one for her birthday. There's a division of the sexes for a while (except for Jim whom we end up calling "half-fag" all night for hangin' with the ladies) with the girls going at the drinking games full throttle, but sooner or later you get to the point where you can't pay attention to the game, no matter how simple it is and so the idea of shotgunning beers is raised. RIGHT. Because obviously that would be a *good* idea...OF COURSE...lol, disaster I'm telling you… Anyhow, the notion is quickly dismissed in favor of "secretly" chugging beers in the kitchen. Lord only knows why this needed to be a secret, but it seemed incredibly important at the time. Hours down the road, it gets to be about 2 am and Courtney & Laura have taken to calling themselves "The Fraulines". Tara is now referred to only as "The Irish Peasant", and I've been dubbed "The Portuguese Princess" don't ask, i have no idea, i wasn't even wearing my pretty princess tiara… Things are at a relative level of insanity, we're smoking like chimneys, mocking J.Lo & apparently running out of beer. Well, good thing Courtney & Billy live across the street from the Exxon tiger mart!! Otherwise we might have to walk the whole two blocks to Molly's :-P

So Billy & Jim decide to make a beer run (doesn't it even count as a beer run when it's *that* close?) and I go with as I want to get my ipod out of the NB & buy a new pack of smokes. Billy heads straight for the Mart, Jim comes with me to get the ipod & check out my new baby. Next thing I know, Billy's headed back up to the apt, Jim's in his jeep ready to go home & I'm utterly confused. I run up to the other side of Jim's jeep & sure enough, he says he's takin' off, he's a lightweight, yadda, yadda, has to work tomorrow at 5 in the AFTERNOON. I nearly shoot him for using that as an excuse, but instead, I run around the car to say goodbye properly. Which, it seems, involves a lot of tongue... riiiight. Hey! Yum... why haven't I hooked up with this dashing young fire-fighter before? Now somewhere in the back of my mind I hear voices shouting he's your friend, this is a public street - what are you doing? you are a WRECK. -- I gave those voices a swift kick in the ass & got back to Jim. ;) After all… this was hysterical, this was fun, this was like high school all over again. Before I knew it, Jim was out of his seat & I'm pressed up against the side of the jeep… hands are every where, things are getting raunchy enough for him to discover, that no, I wasn't wearing anything *under* my miniskirt… what? it's a little skirt – you can't fit very much under there But before we got *too, too* crazy I reminded him that he was leaving, re-assembled my ensemble, kissed him good-bye & jetted back up to the party. see now, wasn't that better? It's SO much more fun to just be the make-out queen…
With the exception of a lot of drunken dancing, the Protestants vs. Catholics "chug off" and putting Courtney to bed… well, that was pretty much my night. ;)

"y'all… I'm wild. I must have been wild all along, but just didn't know it 'til now."
- Carson McBride, Shag