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3 hours to go & I'm out of my mind...

my stomach is starting to grumble a bit now, but I can handle that. the thirst is starting to push me to the edge though.... the water cooler is mocking me, actually mocking me with it's little glug, glug noises. I'm starting to have a hard time concentrating, which is par for me around this time of day, but normally my quick fix is a cup of tea or a snack of sorts and well, I've put in close to 22 hours already, so I'm not backing down now. Maybe I'll go for a walk or a cigarette or something and try to shake the sleepies.

The office has been particularly quiet this afternoon which has been nice in that I've actually been able to a lot of thinking, but horrific in that it's making the day drag on interminably. I don't think I realized before how much I depend on lunch and other random trips to the kitchen to break up the monotony of the day.

Oh man. Someone left a box of Cheeze-its out in the kitchen. They're just sitting there all cute and cheesy in their little red box. I need to get out of here before they team up with the water cooler.