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We danced and danced...

I'm bloggin on a Saturday... my life has come to this? Seriously. I'm obviously addicted -- somebody stop me.

ANYways. Last Night. TOTALLY didn't work out the way it was supposed to, but (I think) worked out better anyway. Got a late start out of here (working on fillin' up the ol' ipod, chatting with Charles about our respective love lives - as per useg)stupidly got off on Houston & spent 80 YEARS crawling up to 13th, so I didn't get down to Plaid until about 10:40ish. It looked like there were people outside waiting to get in, but I'll never know because THERE IS NO FUCKING PARKING IN MIDTOWN. Okay, so it's not *actually* Midtown, but it might as well have been for the lack of spaces. Regardless, I don't find a spot until after 11 (after free entry) and I can't get a hold of Audrey to find out if they're still inside... so I decide to ditch out on Plaid altogether (what? pay money to get into a place my friends might not be & where the band I wanted to see is already done? No thanks)and call Jill.

I get Jillybean's vm & plead for her to point me towards whichever seedy bar I *know* she's hiding in... I really REALLY don't want to have driven down for nothing, and I'm not interested in any of the other shows happening, nor am I drunk enough to justify calling either of the bklyn boys to see what they're up to *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* Uh, yeah. Not drunk.

Jill calls back, they're on the west side & about to change venues - I slip across town & miraculously find my way to Washington Street. Park between 11th & Perry and make my way down to 10th where this bar is supposed to be... Except that I'm dead in the middle of a *lovely* residential neighborhood. LOL. No one seems to know exactly where the bar *is* - so I make a call & find out that Automatic Slims is on the corner of Bank. Now, not really knowing the west village so well, we all assume that Bank will be south of 10th...*walking*.....*walking*.....*walking*.....*walking*.................um, CANAL. I've obviously gone to far. This is where Washington Street ENDS. I hop in a cab & sure enough, it's a block UP from where I parked. lol. So the bar is packed, I'm waiting, Jill comes out to meet me, we sneak me back in from the smoking side, I've got a G&T, Life is GOOD.

And this place? BEST MUSIC EVER. (oh, and Jill? Tenderness = General Public. And no, I'm sure I wouldn't have recognized them if someone *had* been able to tell us.) Fabulously obscure & not so obscure 80's hits, a little "best of the 70's" some "Smells Like Teen Spirit", some "Jesse's Girl", some Bowie, some Snoop Dog, some Steve Miller, a touch of Beyonce and a dash of The Stones... whatever it was, you knew it, you sang it, you might have gotten up & danced on the bar.... (not me. seriously. haven't done that since like Sophomore year of college)Oh, so my drinking companions? a collection of Jill's girls from work: Sunita, Melanie, Jen, & my new bff, Mary. All of them incredibly gorgeous, incredibly sweet & a riot to hang with. Then there were the boys... Craig (Jen's make-out friend) Derrick or Daemon or FUCK what was his name? something fancy with a D, and Jeb - Craig's friend.

Now, Jeb & I start talking quite a bit - turns out he's originally from the Bronkers & we have a whole lot of Westchester-y things to chat about, but we take time out for the important things, like our mini-mosh pit for Nirvana. Now here is a certifiably Preppy boy. I mean he was tall, blonde, blue eyed, wearing a v-neck sweater, and oh yeah, went to BOARDING school. His musical tastes seemed to run the gamut... wonder how deep his interest goes? I'm pretty sure that his musical abilities end with his fantastic air-guitar... but I could be wrong. ANYways, having a boy that cute keep trying to talk to me all night was EXACTLY what I needed. *huge grin*

Now, TONIGHT is going to take some delicate maneuvering... I really want to see Mike Henry's first live performance a) as a bass player 2)for Oxford Collapse. This is happening at 11pm at the BQE Lounge which is *you guessed it* in bklyn. Also on tap for the evening is Molly's. Much beer, much love, much staring at engagement rings & *really* wanting one (not to be engaged mind you, i just want the stone). So, we'll see what time the crew is going to assemble at Molly's... I might be able to slip out for Mike's & come back after. Maybe.

Okay, time for a nap... or maybe a movie. Hmmn.