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look me in the eye and tell me...

i almost made a real update today...

but i've been far too busy what with... well those of you know what I've been busy with know I've been mad busy, let's just put it that way, shall we?

think i'll just treat myself to a briefing and flush out all the details later.

Things I have done in the past week:

* discovered Courtney Taylor was a boy. (shoot me... i always knew i should be listening to the DandyWarhols, but never got around to it before)

* hand delivered the most painstakingly thought out thank-you note I've written in years to a friend.

* nearly annihilated the male half of the species with my imaginary (and gender specific) WMD twice.

* went to three parties in a row on a weeknight which culminated in my having pizza with Hot Alex at 4:30 am.

* met Hot Aaron. You know... of the Brothers' Hot? ;)

* spent an evening of make-believe with a friend who needed it just as much as i did. (don't EVEN try to make that dirty... it so wasn't)

* had a boy actually follow me from his stoop to my car and chat me up with lines like, "you're so pretty", "I'm a jazz musician" and the classic... "do you have any pot?"

* made up a boyfriend to avoid kissing the birthday boy at Lit.

* went on another "not-date" with the boy

* accidentally ran into The BMOC with my lips (ok, so it wasn't exactly accidental)

* smoked waaaaay too many cigarettes

* managed to successfully avoid an old temptation in an all too familiar situation

* ignored the yanks mind-numbing series against (my personal) arch rivals the Orioles

* avoided falling back on something I know would have a limited shelf life (despite the fact that it would've been so much easier to just give in and not be alone anymore)

* wore a lot of red

* met yet ANOTHER sox fan, [hey Rob... are you starting to feel a little less than special? :oP] and promptly proceeded to talk smack until i nearly drowned in a combination of my martini and his utterly fathomless statistical knowledge

* watched the sun come up over Manhattan from Hoboken

* used up a good half of my cell minutes for the month

* made up with a friend that i was really starting to miss

* finally got Charlie Brown to admit he's having a go with the little red haired girl
(yes, i am well aware that i have red hair... but this does not make me the LRHG on account of the fact that she is much little-er than me)

* damned the universe officially for continuing to throw boys in my path with whom I have no viable future

(I must say... I do seem to be amassing an abnormally large collection of "guy-friends" at an alarming rate. By now I suspect I have enough for my own baseball team, complete with DH and relief pitching staff... and that doesn't even count the eastchester boys! damn - I should be organizing scrimmages here :p)