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i dyed my hair RED today...

So, I saw Tori on Friday. I saw Tori from the FRONT ROW of the magically transformed Hammerstein Ballroom. (thank you thank you thank you Steve - I seriously will never be able to say it enough)

The set looked like this:

Original Sinsuality
Blood Roses
improv / Sweet the Sting
Take to the Sky
Bells for Her
Growin' Up (Bruce Springsteen)
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Don McLean)
Happy Phantom
Jamaica Inn
Yes, Anastasia
The Beekeeper

Encore 1:

Encore 2:
The Power of Orange Knickers
Putting the Damage On

I loved hearing Blood Roses... It was one of the first songs I ever heard Tori perform back in 96 at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, and years after that it even wound up on a mix tape I used to listen to incessantly. Take to The Sky, was fantastic to hear as always, especially since it has become something of an anthem for me over the years... Aside from the whole notion of being told by any number of authority figures that you're living your life wrong, I love the fact that she recognizes the self-empowerment that come with a simple box of haircolor. It's validating in a way I can't describe to feel the vibration of the word "red", and to know that you're sharing that moment with a hundred other girls in the crowd all of whom recognize the power in their choice. I know it sounds very "girl-power", and in a way it is, but really it's all about asserting our individual sexuality. Right, I should have quit when I mentioned I couldn't describe it... lol. Winter I have heard quite often over the years, but I used to take more delight in it when i was younger. It had been the first song of Tori's that I completely fell in love with... that I stopped, re-wound & played until I'd learned every lyric by heart, that I forged a deep connection to. As with any first love though, over the years Winter has been replaced in my heart by one song after another. As I found myself relating better to various selections from Tori's catalogue, each new song would be learnt and internalized... but each of the old ones still remained etched upon my psyche, waiting patiently to be called on again. Well, this was the night for Winter. I don't know what it was exactly that affected me so, but by the time you say I wanted you to be PROUD of me, I always wanted that myself rolled off her tongue, I was crying. Actual tears. Her performance just struck such a chord in me... i was that lost, insecure 15 year old hearing someone else understand for the first time, but moreover - I was me, realizing that so much of me still feels like that girl inside even now... Later on someone mentioned that Tori cried during Winter as well... I wouldn't have known (her back was to me through the performance) but the thought of sharing a moment like that with this woman who I've idolized, who has comforted me through song... it was just incredibly special.

Post show I bought the Tour T-Shirt. Now there were much cuter tee's for the having, but as soon as I saw it with it's bright shiny apple... I pulled a Snow White and had to have it. It's just apropos you know? Especially after my whole I own my original sin spiel... besides, it's a show I know I'll never forget and I wanted something tangible to keep the memory for me.



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Apr. 12th, 2005 01:28 pm (UTC)
winter makes me cry to this day. i save listening to it for when i need a real good sob. i saw tori during the under the pink tour and she played a cover of the cure's lovesong. best. thing. ever.

Apr. 12th, 2005 02:00 pm (UTC)
I have an mp3 of her playing love song, I worship it.
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