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the boys.

just as suddenly as he took his place in my online life, the BMOC has vanished... It's been months since I've seen him online & I wonder if he gave up on the internet altogether, or just communicating with me... I'm hoping it's not the latter, as he really was a special guy and I'd hate to think that we couldn't be friends. Haven't run into the brain since I inadvertently bought him breakfast so there's no real update there either. The face is the face and I dare say we're becoming friends, despite the fact that when he wants to he can still make me make me smile involuntarily... it's truly a bizarre skill he's developed, and slightly unnerving truth be told. The boy keeps threatening to ask me out and still hasn't made good on his promises. hwsnbn is finally back in the throws of a "crush recession", and, as is the usual around here, has embraced me as a confidant of sorts and firmly established himself in the "friend" category. At this rate I'm going to end up with all male friends... which maybe isn't so bad... maintaining friendships with them tends to involve much less effort than with their female counterparts. let's see the others.... oh, flash from the past - spent a good chunk of last weekend with Boy 2 - I have to say I much prefer the platonic road with him, it's much less aggravating than the wishy-washy fwb situation we had for a while there. There haven't been any recent sightings of Siren-boy, and whilst we received a bit of attention from the lawyer after being noticeably absent from his presence lately, that's not something I think either of us are interested in pursuing on a romantic level. So that brings us to Charlie Brown, who we would very much like to make our next boy adventure. And although we seem to have peaked his interest, he hasn't asked us out. And we think we know why... and if we're right about that than we'd like to issue a general complaint to the universe for continuing to throw boys in our path with whom we have no viable future. Damn you universe!! Damn you!! The sucky thing is that for months now we've approached new boys with trepidation, my life is a mess, and I'd like to get it together before I add you into the mix, but for once we actually feel a little hope here and our tune has changed to yeah, my life is a mss, but I'd still like you to be a part of it. Yeah. I know. And I don't even know if I really like him yet, I suppose I'm taking a lot on spec here... but that's what it's all about - having that hope again is reviving me.


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Apr. 8th, 2005 01:52 pm (UTC)
Dear Virgin Mary,

2002. That's all I have to say.

Ok, I was lying... there's one more thing: sometimes a clearly dysfunctional relationship is better than no relationship at all.

That's really it this time.

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