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Things that make you go "Hmmmmnnn"...

Ah well, there is never a shortage of things that will annoy me on a day like today.

There's actually nothing wrong with the day... it hasn't been particulary awful -- maybe being stuck indoors when the weather is so phenominal is putting a spin on things?

Sometimes people are just *shakes head* horribly wrong. Today has been filled with misinterpretations & people not agreeing with me. I suppose that in itself doesn't make people "wrong" persay, but it does tend to increase my level of aggrevation.
Out of The Loop *insert eye roll* Of course you are!! You never fucking call! You sit home & play house & order ridiculous cards to send out! *puking noises* Don't complain about being left out when you practically cut yourself off from life "in the loop".

And then Chris debating my friendship skills with me -- ugh. But I cut that off before it could go anywhere. I was venting & he was fixing... boys are terrible like that - always want to fix, don't understand that venting is just venting, and not a plea for help but for empathy...

And there's still the matter of the lack of direction for the bachelorette... or the bbq for Saturday - which although I am not directly responsible for either, I am beginning to suffer from osmosic (yeah, I know, diffusive)stress.

big surprise, right? :

you're girl, interrupted. you're fun and friendly, and just a little bit crazy.

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Jun. 26th, 2002 12:51 am (UTC)
Wait, I was debating this with you? I know about the empathy issue., . .I saw "White Men Can't Jump" lol.

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