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there is a haiku generator that combs your posts & creats little poems:
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:brainwavy
Your haiku:what's the flip side of
that vow spoken or not i'm
going to happen and
Created by Grahame

Ashley found this one for me:

love and i hate being
vulnerable and so i
cannot really say

then i went on a rampage and found these:

for the both of us
in the quieter places of our
hearts time may well heal

open door inside
this doubt that i have sated
with another fix

anywhere but here
maybe it's enough for me
somehow i still doubt

listening to the
sound was my awakening
see where it led me

the fringes of my
skin pulse from lack of your touch
an honest wanting

affair is something
like taking vicodin on
an empty stomach

losing my mind now
quick tell me about whether
or not that i am

not always angry
but could never give her what
he thought she needed

to be with her a
girl or an angel or a
fantastic liar

can not be in my
head so i run i run smack
into the snow dance

rush to wait for him
because i believed it
was possibly more

sickening me i
can't focus on anything
he who shall not be

at the still madly
swirling snow the lovely
stars sung out to me

you've already been
exposed knowing i myself
chose the destruction

afraid i'd topple
over in my head from want
of knowing your heart

still feeling more lost
and alone than i ever
have before your smile

it's kissing or sex
or somewhere in between
but never enough

i dreamed i would
still feel horribly alone
even if i wasn't

in a desperate
act of self preservation
she ends it too soon

the ghosts that will lead
you or for that matter how
they ravaged your heart

i was reluctant
for their multiple encores
extended blizzard

voice inside during
the night that comes with choking
back our silent screams

promise once i have pictres dl'd i'll spill about sxsw & vegas ;)