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I'm not like the girls that you've known

but I believe I'm worth comin' home to...

ok... so i took an unauthorized two week leave of absence. i'd like to say it was for lack of interesting things to report. but rather i think it's just the opposite. I has SO much to say that i didn't know where to start - and perhaps was afraid I'd say too much. I still don't really know where to begin here so I'm feeling a highlights reel coming on...

* the boys
the Face, the Brain and the BMOC have all resurfaced in the space of the last two weeks. the Face and I got some face time over coffee, I accidentally bought the Brain breakfast, and the BMOC and i have resumed iming like it's going out of style. Nothing sweeping or romantic at all... but really nice to be able to get to know each of them a little better. It actually highlights the fact that I have excellent taste in men... even if I can't / won't / shouldn't date them. Aside from them, let's see... I'm over romantic inclinations with most of the others as well... the lawyer is sweet, but hasn't made any attempts to hold my attention. Siren-boy and I have gone the route of "kissing? what kissing?" - which I think is more than for the best. I never called either the chef or gwtw back... and i don't exactly regret either decision, although I sometimes find myself wondering if gwtw really was as cute as I remember him. The proverbial bain of my existence over these last two weeks has been hwsnbn. I can't help it... I fought tooth and nail to push him to the back of my mind, to the fringes of my thoughts. I explained my hopeless crush to a BOY even (which btw can normally make even the most sweepingly romantic and rose colored visions of your life seem utterly silly and juvenile). But to no avail. In that horribly psychic way that boys don't even know they possess - everytime I successfully came to terms with the fact that he can not be the boy for me... that I was happy before he came into my life and that I would go on to be happy without him occupying a starring role - every single time I managed to really convince myself of these things... he would unravel me with the simple turn of a phrase. All your base are belong to us... you are on the way to destruction

* Atomique / Nina's Birthday / Kasabian after party.
Whoa. Never seen it that packed... and with people I'd never seen before! I was incredibly proud of Audrey's step up to the show. I was also feeling a little like a pinball, a rather sleepy pinball at that, so I jetted on the early side and apparently missed random members of QotSA

* Upwelling Show @ Mercury Lounge
The fun that was had bordered on the ridiculous... I jumped and danced and smiled and sang. I fell in love with the new songs to the point where i barely noticed that a handful of my favorites were conspicuously missing from the set. I got to meet the amazing people responsible for the fantasticness that is the dynamic duo, I got to see Scott play in brand new stripey socks... you can see the setlist here, and pictures over at Nora's

* ROHS After Party @ Lit
yeeeeah. still buzzing from the incredible set by the upwelling - we made our way over to Lit in the sub-artic cold. Audrey was dj-ing upstairs, Greg was dj-ing downstairs, so there was great music wherever you went. There were beers and smokes and friends everywhere. And then my world started turning inside out. James Iha dj'd Justin Timberlake then waited a song, then played backstreet boys. Yeah, you read that right. Then I'm flirting with a cute boy, petting Sarah's hair, seeing visions of blonde bubble gum pop stars, making out with the tall / cute boy... a lot. in a not so dark, not remotely a corner section of the back room. in front of everyone. including the blonde bubble gum girl - who it turns out, was not just a figment of my imagination.

wow... i didn't get very far with this update... tomorrow I promise recaps of motherfucker, skiing, ridiculous amounts of snow, what seeing a pearl jam cover band entails, and my insane last minute decision to attend sxsw...