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Re: My last post

Apparently I neglected to attach it's subtitle: Progesterone and You

Still, when I look back at it myself, I don't quite see what triggered the level of appreciation / panic for my emotional state. But I'm not gonna argue since at least 5 of you have seen fit to express awe and concern within the last 36 hours... so, I'm sorry. I'm fine actually. I'm just up against a slippery situation and you all know how much it tortures me when I'm unable to grasp/define these kinds of things. I continued to put things in perspective over the weekend, so i'm palpably less geeked out at the moment... even with today being the unholy day of death for us singletons. I, myself will be trying to wash away the subtext of the day with Vodka Tonics and Kitchy Dance Pop at the Mercury Lounge. If and when you see me you are more than welcome to purchase me alcohol, but please lets avoid spontaneous "support hugs" or the "how are you?" head tilt.

Thank you, and good day.