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Haven't had a dream in a long time...

Okay... so hurricane-schmurricane. It is a beautiful morning. Tropical storms make the New York air so… well, tropical I guess. It's all nice & warm & sticky -- very sexy air I say, if air can *be* sexy... which I supposed I just deemed that it can.

TGIF. This week has been impossibly long, yeah for the weekend :) Let's see -- well, Laura & Scott are coming up tonight from Arlington, but I think the major plans are for tomorrow. (um, let me think... where will we possibly go to catch up & drink heavily... gee, maybe MOLLY'S? ya think?) I'll have to see if they're looking to go out tonight too, but I know Tara's resting up for the WestPoint game tomorrow, so in the event that Westchester isn't happening this evening, there's always the LES...

soooo, on tap for tonight... I think I want to check out Saintface @ Pianos. I'm figuring they go on around 9, but I really don't have much to back that up. Also, I have no idea if anyone else I know is going. I think I saw it posted on Jinners site, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be there. (Audrey if you're reading this honey, please give me a shout out & let me know if you're gonna be around? *mwah* love you) Not that it much matters... I'm rather attuned to attending shows solo. Given, I haven't had to lately, but I'm pretty sure it goes like this: show up, give money, buy drink, dance around to band, get hit on by boys, drive home. It's fairly simple ;) oh, yeah, so Saintface... I'm going pretty much because people keep telling me they sound like The Smiths, (except Vince... who says they're really more like Bradford ) but even still, I should be checking them out.

hmmn. okay. I might be on crack... I can't find the Pianos listing ANYWHERE now... not Jinners, not Jasper, not Audrey, not on sf's site, and Piano's site blows chunks at the moment 'cause it won't load... uhhh, did I just make this whole gig up or what? ohhhh, okay, there it is folks: on the WFMU listing (thank you boyA for the link...)

okay, so Audrey is off to see"asobi seksu" @ plaid (free entry between 10 and 11) so maybe I'll stop by that if Saintface is done early... but I don't know - besides, they *will* be playing the next Vicious (not acoustique), so i can always catch them then. Julian Hatfield is going to be @ Maxwells, but I don't think I'm going to be up for Jersey tonight...

SPEAKING of Jersey... I had another fabulous sex dream last night starring the much-ignored BoyD. I say another because a few of you may recall the excellent dream I had about him about a month ago - making out in the back of a taxi... very, very hot. Well, in this dream we decided to have sex at a Yankee game -- full on in the upper tier, but very discreet *insert eye roll* or as discreet as is possible in a STADIUM. IT's funny how he works his way into my sub-conscious... I mean we were bullshitting last night on the IM for a bit, but I wasn't particularly thinking of him when I went to bed last night. I suppose I should say this -- here is a boy I would like to just sleep with. I don't think we could *date* per say, but we really, really need to fuck. There is just such good sexual energy there - I could fight with him all day & I *still* want to boff his brains out.

As for the continuing saga... sorry, slow news day. Haven't heard from BoyA since he emailed me earlier this week, haven't heard from boy2 since the documented im convo, and as has been previously noted, BoyD well, BoyD is just under the radar still.

To all my beloveds in the greater DC area - I hope your power's back up & mad props for getting hammered in the face of mother nature's worst - totally wish I coulda been there. *mwah*