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last week:
Mike: you're writing all those winding-up 2004 things instead...i'm missing the real good boy stories ;-)
Me: Ha! I'm missing the real good boys!

right. just so you know I wasn't ignoring my love life on purpose... there just really wasn't much to say. What "has been" over the few months or so - existed only in my head, and I knew that, so why trouble you all with trivial nothings that meant even less? Exactly. I've been quite boy-less since early October. And considering the towering feat of licentiousness that was my last escapade... I'm rather glad that I took a breather from all things sexual for a bit.

Now there was a brief episode on NYE that involved a very tall, very cute boy who happened to be the WORST kisser EVER. Oh I'm very serious. He tried to swallow my head. There were teeth involved... I'm not really sure what else there is to say. he kept forcing my neck back so far I was afraid I'd topple over in my heels... and did I mention the TEETH? But yeah, other than the NYE boy, you might have mistaken me for a postulant as of late.

So one might imagine, that by Friday night, I was well on my way to needing a healthy dosage of reckless abandon... To start my day off right, there was an unprecedented amount of communication from the Face, and between him and the promise of others, I decided that while "reckless abandon" might not be in the cards, I could at least aim for a severely good time complete with showers of compliments. ;) Well, nothing quite accomplishes that task like over dressing a bit. And with the excuse of after hours at the chichi Lotus, I did just that. Hair coiffed, all glammed up - pearls, red lips and all, I made my way down to Plaid with Audra & company in tow. Now I was expecting to see quite a few of my boys, and they didn't disappoint...there was the boy, the lawyer(brand-new), AND he who shall not be named, but i also got to finally meet the infamous Hot Alex, and was pleasantly surprised to run into hmmn, what's in a name? How about.... Siren-boy? Also quite unexpectedly, I ran into The BMOC, whom, I gather, was headed over to 85A to get his own party started. I'm afraid I caught him somewhat off-guard, and so I can't really say if he was pleased to see me, but I can say that it was good to see him, that he looked well, and that the 30 second encounter forced some sort of emotional closure for me on that particular chapter. Plaid really was lovely. I divided my time between the boy, Siren-boy, and the lawyer and whilst the lawyer had brought a female friend along, she conveniently disappeared as we got to talking. It looks like I'm going to see him again on Thursday, so we'll see how things fare when I am less distracted and I can focus more attention in his direction. Siren-boy, whom, I should add was uncharacteristically hands-on and flirtatious, pledged to meet us over at Lotus for after-hours, but I'm afraid I didn't put too much stock in his vodka-soaked promises. hwsnbn was, well, hwsnbn. I read a lot into a look we shared, but you know me and over-reaching when it comes to interpreting boys, so to be on the safe side, we can just as well pretend that we missed eachother completely.

oh, lol, and The GoStation's outstanding set (including one brand spankin new tune) was quite the soundtrack for my flirtations... relax boys, I'm kidding! well, mostly kidding... you did have my complete and utter attention through the latter half of the set...oh, um and the new song too, which I liked, but i thought it was maybe too heavy to pair it with the other new-ish song you played 3rd - see? I was paying attention

Post Plaid, and one trek through the freezing rain later, we were whisked inside Lotus with the other pretty b-listers of NY society. Enter phase two of the boys: boyD, The Face, and true-to-his-word, Siren-boy. There was dancing, and picture-taking, and $10 drink having. There were exceptional tunes provided courtesy of Pinky & The Brain, drunken yuppies dancing, Russian "Models", pink pageboy wigs, gold sequined pants, and the biggest pile of black wool coats you've ever seen. There was also some kissing. Actually, a whole bunch of kissing. And it was fun. And no, despite the pictures, it did not involve another girl. That was staged, and entirely separate. It did, however, involve me recycling a line I used over the summer, and you know what? It works almost disturbingly well. After a night full of dancing and drinking and flirting, I turned to Siren-boy in our booth, stopped him mid-sentence, and suggested that if he didn't mind I thought I might try something.... at which point, I kissed him, at which point he responded enthusiastically, pausing momentarily to say he didn't, in fact, mind in the least. heehee. Hooray for the kissing! Of course since there was happy carefree kissing I needed to provoke the ill-advised if not completely inappropriate "talk" about the exes, which, as expected, ultimately became the "I'm not looking to seriously date anyone right now" conversation. But he ended that dialogue with more of the kissing, so perhaps my misguided efforts towards brutal honesty were actually rewarded after all? I see him Wednesday, I'm not expecting very much, but suffice to say - I wouldn't be opposed to more of the kissing ;)