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in the lane, snow is glistening...

i ought to be writing something...

the phone has rang a grand total of 3 times today, and I haven't said a word out loud in at least an hour - it's kind of surreal being in the office alone and watching the snow dance in the wind gusts outside. I always think the world is a little quieter when it snows, but today is kind of unreal... nothing but the tippity tappity sound of my fingers searching out the next word that my slightly fried synapses form.

It's as if the insanity that was yesterday ravaged my life, and in it's wake, left this eerie silence. Yesterday was indeed a whirl of fun and flour, and rushing around like a chicken without a head... but I have to say, utterly worth every second and cent that was spent. Really what it comes down to is that I am blessed. I have the most fantastic family and wonderful friends... and every one of them pitched in to keep things moving. Plus, drinking at home with good friends is ALWAYS a good thing. For instance, I now know that my myspace picture ought to be the one of me at age 9 dressed up like a pirate, and that blue toothpicks will stain your chicken blue much as blue string begets blue soup... (now if only I could have worked in a reasonable Colin Firth facsimile liking me "just as i am" it could have been a perfectly Bridget evening)

ooh - mysteries from last night... a) does anyone know how I wound up with Pom juice? 2) how were the spinach puffs? they were gone before I could snag one!!

And to those of you who twisted my arm into letting you sneak a peek at my room... for the love of all that is good and holy please let what your wondering eyes beheld go with you to the grave ;)

PS to Audrey, log in...


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Dec. 21st, 2004 01:52 am (UTC)
Miss another GoStation show and we'll chop off your little fingers.
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