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what a cunning way to condescend...

So - the last entry was pointed at a particular individual, but really, it's an all-purpose statement. It coincides with my peculiar ability to turn any potential romantic interests into friends. It happens fast, so fast that not even *I* can be entirely sure how I manage it. But sure enough, I'm sidled over to the "friend" column faster than he can say "so there's this girl...".

But you know what? I'm over it. It's just one of those things where there's no point in getting riled up. Sure, it's smarts a little to meet someone, flirt, possibly even make out once or twice, and then find that you've become the object of their confidences as opposed to the subject of them. But I have hope... I know that one day there won't be a division between romance and friendship. And besides, in the meantime, I like having guy friends. I like the perspective, I like being able to (all be it slightly smugly) help them with simple domestic tasks, and I like being the "she said" half of a conversation -- even if there aren't sparks flying.

In the meantime... my GWTW boy from Thanksgiving weekend actually called me! On a friday night - at 6:30!!! I mean, that can in no way be construed as a booty-call. Plus he wants to get together for a drink the next time I'm in town. Could it be? Another proper date inside of six months!? What is this world coming to? well, perhaps I'm speaking too soon, I won't have time to meet this boy for a while yet. In my infinite wisdom, I felt the best way to re-establish my sense of self was to throw a dinner party. Here in westchester. Yeah, I know, I'm insane. Aside from actually having to clean, decorate, and presumably cook this fabulous meal, I'll be combining all my friends for the first time and hoping they aren't mutually repellent. which simply cannot be the case. they all love me right? shouldn't that translate into them adoring each other? right. ok. off to make my first attempt at a menu...