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okay... so i promised some stories, right? Stories about the boys and their uncanny knack for all resurfacing at the same time? Okay then.

When we last were discussing boys on my now even LESS regularly updated site, we were dealing with The Face, The Brain, and The BMOC... (and to a lesser extent "the boy" and, as ever, "Boy D") so, let's play our favorite game, "where are they now?"

A couple days after Halloween we had a quasi-date with "the boy". Which is to say that it was an evening that centered around the two of us going to various events together, but without overt romantic overtones... He did remark on how we were sharing our third meal inside of a week (which really is rather impressive if you consider my track record). But then of course I was struck down with the plague and I didn't see him again for at least a week, at which point things with him had returned to a more normal keel.

Now we come to my Achilles heel as of late... the face. When last we spoke he'd come out of nowhere with his most flirtatious encounter since August. About a month later I caught up with him again - this time onstage. Now I had noticed that he likes to make eye contact with friends in the audience, so i patiently waited for him to catch my eye, but even once he'd seen me he actually refused to look at me for most of the set - to the point where it was almost distracting. He'd accidentally catch my eye while panning the crowd & then immediately look down, or turn his head. Now I'm not sure if anyone has ever intentionally blinded themselves to you before - but I can tell you it's unnerving as hell. But not to worry, in the grand tradition of his hitting my weak spots, he remedied it all with one look. At the start of their last song he fixed his eyes on mine, smiled, and held his gaze until I was smiling so hard that I had to turn away for fear my face would break. So what's that tally now? oy. this one's trouble I tell you... in the space of the next week he show-flaked on me twice, and then profusely apologized both times. I haven't heard from him since we all broke for the holiday, but to tell the truth - I never really expect much from him. He is what he is, and changing him, or artfully persuading him into any kind of relationship really isn't on my agenda, you know? In fact, I'd be happy to do without his presence completely... well, if it weren't for the smiling bit. again, let me reiterate... this one is trouble.

So now, enter the rest of the gang (god forbid they should be left out, right?) Two days after the face disappeared into his own sleepy suburban adventure, the BMOC marked his return. It's well after 2 am, I'm kicking up my heels at Rothko, sucking back $2 vodka tonics with Nora and Audra (complete with assorted friends from UCONN)and I start to buzz. By the time I find my phone, I have a voicemail from the BMOC. Which wouldn't necessarily be odd at all, except that I hadn't heard from him in at least three weeks. Curiouser still was the message... it wasn't a message at all, but a bit of the song he was spinning - a song he'd played for me months ago. It was at once sweet and slightly disconcerting - equal parts Lloyd Dobbler and Joey Nordelli [he used to call up my best friend in the sixth grade and play "Every Breath I Take" over the phone to her] and so I tried to ring him back, but ended up txting him that I was on my way to the darkroom...

Where, OF COURSE, after not seeing him even once since our last encounter - I run smack into "The Brain". I was slightly drunk and slightly distracted by my sorry attempt to keep track of my sister, her friends, and Nora... but eventually we found ourselves sharing a light and a sidewalk, and I was sated with another fix of his delightful conversation. I'm not going to get into the particulars, but I will say that I find myself to be almost bizarrely honest around him and I have no idea why. I could almost see the words flying out of my mouth like i was on the electric company or something... and I watched as they'd hang there in the air, suspended in their cartoon balloon and wait for him to pop them or look for some other curt way to end the conversation, but instead he'd just laugh and offer up some amusing anecdote of his own... We lost track of each other around the same time the tequila shots appeared, but I think I got a "hope to see you soon" out of the deal.

Saturday-Sunday-Monday provided me with a quandary and eventually an explanation that was possibly more troubling than the quandary had been to begin with. Confused? Good. Now you're on MY level. Apparently, in the grand tradition of all the alphas and betas that came before him - the BMOC discovered the journal. Which, it was explained, was why I hadn't heard from him lately. (And silly me thought it was because I'd fallen off the face of the earth...) So, I think we've charted a new direction... one that's less weighted down by the various pitfalls of a quasi-relationship, and closer to something that's approaching friendship.

Oh and the GWTW guy? The boy named Ashley? He was a "tall, dark and random" from the Dark Room who was convinced that he ought to accompany me back to Westchester to crash for the night with me in my father's house. I explained how badly that would go over, but I did give him my number. And he did call it approximately 5 minutes later to try and convince me yet again of how well his Westchester non-plan would work. ::insert eye roll:: I kind of figured I wouldn't hear from him again, but lo and behold he called last night. lemme give you a second for the shock to wear off...
Ok, let me bring you back down to reality... he called at 2 am, hung up before I could find the phone, and left no message. Gee... wonder why he called? He's no Rhett, (Ashley never was) but as far as a booty call is concerned, I could do a hell of a lot worse ;)

ooops... almost forgot Boy D. Apparently I'm become the designated "go-to girl" when his latest attempt at a relationship starts to falter. NO. Not like that. I'm just the sounding board, not the back board (you know... for rebounding?) Anyhow, It doesn't smart anymore to hear him pine over other women, which I think, is a nice place for me to be. Even if it is still slightly bizarre. heh. he kills me this one... potentially the most intelligent guy i know, but any PYT in a short skirt can talk him into buying igloos in Arizona. Also... just for the record? The online world of the LES is even more incestuous than it's real life counterpart.


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Dec. 3rd, 2004 08:16 am (UTC)
viva the electric company! was Ashley that cute? the tequila made it all very fuzzy for me. anyways, let me take this moment to warn you of ANY guy who calls your cell phone five minutes after you give him the number and vacate the bar. this happened to me @ cherry tavern by a guy named will cherry. okay that wasn't his actual last name, but um... it made sense at the time. then again, he wasn't even cute and the next time i was at cherry tavern he accousted me and was uber creepy so i never can go to that bar again. my story has very little point, and i'm tired now and haven't had my coffee, but this was an entertaining entry mostly because i understand almost all of it. yay!
Dec. 5th, 2004 06:15 am (UTC)
I thought I was the most intelligent guy you know!!! *sniff*
Dec. 5th, 2004 06:53 am (UTC)
potentially! i said potentially!

seriously... how am i supposed to know? sit all you boys down for some sort of standardized testing?

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