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I'm a groupie.

I just thought I'd throw that out there... I can't even believe it's true, but it is. When I see Starsailor tomorrow night (well, technically tonight)it'll mark the 4th time I've seen them in under 2 months.

Maybe it's that I'm remembering how much I love live music, or maybe I'm just enjoying acting like a teenager... I dunno. I'm a groupie though, a groupie tryig very hard to be a Band-Aide instead of a groupie... but I think I'm failing.

For one, I'm madly in love with the lead singer, James Walsh. Doesn't that always spell trouble from the start? And he's only 21. Which makes me feel like an evil, evil woman. But he's so sweet & shy & talented & he looks like Joaqiun Phoenix from certain angles... and, well? Do I really need another reason? How about he has a smile that slays me and - HE SMILED AT ME during the last show. Ack. I know. My heart stopped.

And I'm sad. I'm actually sad that I won't be able to see them again until at least April 27th - and after that... who knows?The may vrey well go home for the summer and...well, I'm going to go through some very serious withdrawl.

*prays to god* Oh please, please, pretty please... lewt him smile at me again tomorrow & let them tour the US this summer!!!!


I'm insane.

I have to go now before I start seriously considering buying a plane ticket to see them in Texas in 2 weeks.