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Back here at home there's nothin' to do...

So, I've been mercilessly neglecting this site... Maybe because I haven't been *completely* miserable lately?

2002. We nearly two months into it now, and it's been pretty okay so far :)

I'm pretty sure I've scrapped my dreams of Colorado for the time being, but I'm not upset about it. My interest just sort of faded... maybe I've been finding that I don't need to change the scenery, just my motivation.

I did go to Orlando, had a blast with Charles & Marci, and neither of my fears were realised. Nothing happened between Charles & I, and I'm not sure Marci would have minded even if it had. I'm not sure I understand the relationship I have with Charles... I've never really had a close guy-friend before where there wasn't eventually something sexual between us, or romantic intentions or what have you. Then again maybe I am interested in him, but he's on my "emotionally off-limits" shelf. Falling for him would just be ridiculously dangerous. I know this. Amazingly enough, *he* finally knows this :)