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I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear...

Additional things that have been happening?

I met a man on the internet. His name is Trevor, he lives in England, he's 38! I can't believe how smitten I am with him - I NEVER thought I could go for an older man, nor did I think I'd put much stock in the internet dating scene... But I *really* like hime :)


Just to keep in character with me - things have moved along quickly, and we've gone all crazy and (I still can't believe it) he's coming to New York next month. Booked a flight - after knowing me for 15 days. 15 days! *sigh* We've been talking on the phone and his voice is so sexy...

Plus - he's just all of these wonderful things and he's *lived* and he's figured out what he wants in life or from a person... And he sees something beautiful in me, he doesn't think I'm a shell, he thinks I'm brilliant and gorgeous.

K stopped telling me I was beautiful. I know that it's stupid & that I shouldn't need to hear something as shallow as that - but I did need it, I really did. I started to feel so awful, so ugly, so undesirable.

Ahhh Trevor.... *gets all tingly* :)