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So I haven't written for a while :|

I was doing well, I was incredibly busy and social & actually having a good time...

Flashback with me now to August 1st (last week Wednesday)...

So - Kat and I went to go check out this band last night, I knew them 'cause they used to play with Ultravenus from time to time...

Anyhow. They played a great set, we met some guys from a different band, hung out.... I totally made out with this one really hot guy all over the bar for the better part of the evening. He jumped up on stage after one of the sets and sang to me.

*Actually sang Pearl Jams' "Better Man" to me.*

Asked for my number, gave me his.

AND - The bassist from The House Pets (Friends of Ultrapenis) totally hit on me (hadn't seen me kissing boy #1) and was being all cute and flirty and

gave me his email so we could hang out sometime....

I tell you - when it rains it POURS! I had soooo much fun last night!

And to think - this was one of the shows I nearly didn't attend because I thought K might go! Pish Tosh! :P So glad I did.