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Right. So I'm back here again facing my empty screen, trying to convey the crazy mass of thoughts that have taken up residence in my brain...

I had a calming weekend, one that lent me a little perspective... But like the sunburn I also gained, said perspective is sure to fade in the coming weeks.

I just don't know. Is it just a crazy coincidence that the only guys I've met online as of late who I could see myself really falling for live a minimum of 10 hours from me? I'd like to say that I've been ignoring closer men in an effort to keep myself at a metaphorical "distance" from dating - but I just don't think that's true.

In other news - it looks like the Jami coming to New York thing is a little less than a pipe dream. The wafting rumour has been confirmed by various sources as of late... yet I find I'm significantly less upset by it than I was initially. Could it be that I'm starting to release my white knuckled grip on the great relationship that isn't? I suppose only time will tell. That and god forbid I run into them at some point. *Evil glint in eyes* there is always that damned slippery train platform...

Ok, nobody panic. As IF I'd really ever do something like that. But at least I can fantasize about it, right?

I'm finally horny again. I need a transition man REAL bad. A nice fling to tide me over until I'm really ready to try a new relationship...