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And then he kissed me...

Ever have those completely excellent nights where absolutely everything falls right into place & for whatever reasons you just have the best time all night long? It's like a night strung from those tiny glowing moments where you're completely self-aware of your own happiness…
Well, last night was such a night for me J Not really a way to describe it with out sounding cheesy… so if you're feelin' lactose intolerant these days & don't think you can stomach my velveeta, pop a lactaid or skip this entry altogether – I promise I won't be mad at ya.
So…. where do I begin? How about with boy 2 commenting the other day that he might stop by Vicious on Tuesday night? Okay, for those of you who are new, or not paying attention, my dear friend Audrey and our tiny friend Jasper have been promoting up & coming bands at Sin-e on various Tuesday nights for the last couple of months & I have been in attendance for each & every one… always some good bands, always a good time. So, as per usual, I get home from work & stress a little about what to wear. Speaking of, This whole hipster-dressing thing is really getting on my nerves… In general I wear what I want – what I think looks good on me & what is (at least kind of) comfortable. And I don't think I could ever be mistaken for an *actual* hipster… I haven't re-visited jordache jeans or taken a pair of scissors to the neck of my t-shirt… yet. But dressing for a hipster event when you're not actually *in* that world, is this whole other event in itself. Of course it would probably be easier if I didn't have like 4 different closet personalities. I mean flip flopping from prep to hip to trendy to suburban professional is really quite the process – and not all of the elements of my wardrobe are suited for blending – not to MENTION trying to figure in what the weather is doing…ok this has gone on too long /rant.

I head down to Vicious… sun is setting, temperature is perfect. Cash in pocket, sunroof open, Calla, ss* & Spoon blaring on the ipod, feeling pretty good despite a suspicion that since boy2 didn't mention it again the last time we spoke, he was going to blow it off. Don't EVEN care – life was far too good at the moment & beer & bands awaited. Got there, found my name on the list (thank you, Audrey), and saddled up to the bar with Miss Laura. After a brief rant on the evils of Rheingold [which SERIOUSLY – it makes you ill. I have had this conversation with too many people for it to be a coincidence. Why do you think they basically GIVE it away in the city when every other beer is at least $5? Please. For your own health -- avoid this beer at all costs. /psa] I start in on my Stella & then slip back outside to grab my camera out of the car. Low & behold… I forgot to put my phone on vibe earlier & have two "new" voice mails. My missed call lists boys A & 2 respectively & I have to laugh. The vm from boy A is leftover from Saturday night, but boy2 apparently is still trying to come to vicious. I call him back & *TAG* leave him a vm that I'm going to be inside (a scene vaguely reminiscent of the insane game of phone-tag we played to no avail exactly a week ago).

Inside, the lovely Caulfield Sisters are making pretty sounds that Steve aptly describes as, "very Tanya Donnely". *snap, snap, snap* and the sisters are digitally recorded for posterity. Kickin' it at the bar w/ Steve & Laura and *bingo* boy 2 walks in. I can tell that he's looking for me, but I decide to concentrate on the girls & let him find me… after a while I can't see him any longer & I have another missed call from him, but the set is nearly over, so I decide to just wait it out – besides, there is some VERY cool accordion feedback going on. In the middle of the last song, my phone rings again & I answer it , but then realize that I can't hear a damn thing, say that into the phone, laugh, and hang up. I start to make my way outside, get stopped by some peeps I know until *buzz, buzz* there it goes again, I flip it up and start to apologize, look up & we make eye contact, laugh, hang up our phones & hug. Yay.

We make our way outside, and start chatting about Saturday morning cartoons & Friendster, & blogs & vacation pictures …and for some reason things were just flowing so well. Any traces of the nervous awkwardness from before had vanished, it was just…. cool. I made a few introductions, he tried to call his friend who was supposed to meet him there, we walked back inside for Robbers On High Street (see section on Tomer for backstory). Boy 2 notes that (as he'd heard) there really was a strong similarity between ROHS and Spoon. Boy2's friend appears, hmmmn, let's call her… well for the time being, we'll just call her "girl". Girl, who I met last week, is like, 4'10" and ridiculously adorable. Now, since the 5'7" me has decided to wear 3" heels for the evening, this means I have to actually bend down every time I want to talk to (or hear) her during the set – it was pretty much a vastly entertaining sight gag. Post-set, the three of us are back outside giggling on the sidewalk, just having a grand time of it all. We decide that we're not staying for Fiery Furnaces as Boy2 has a special dislike for them and I have a special like for boy2 (lol – okay that was lame but was honestly BEGGING to be done – basically I've never heard them myself & the mixed reviews I had heard got me leaning towards the *not* staying for them to begin with).

But wanted to check out Soviet, so we headed back inside. [sidebar on the Soviet hyperlink… apparently it *used* to be sovietmusic.com – but sometime ago that URL was high-jacked by a rogue porn site *tee hee* so they had to switch it to .net – uh, I just get a kick out of that] I actually really really enjoyed what I got to see of Soviet – very 80's, but with more of a rock skeleton to it. Does that make any sense? Do I EVER make any sense when I'm describing music? I wish I'd seen more, but I got yanked from the set fairly early on via text message from Laura who was leaving (I desperately needed a gum from her). Instead of *actually* leaving, Laura & I walked down to my car where we sat, listening to the ipod, wasting gas (until laura pointed this out), and yapping at intervals about her non-ex-boyfriend, why boys are stupid, and her recent decision to become a nun (unless of course Britney Spears turns her completely gay). Flash to the end of Soviet's set… we're *still* in the car & people start gravitating toward us. Basically, NO one is staying for Firey Furnaces. We say our goodbyes, manage to pack Boy2's bike in the back of the bug, squish girl in on boy2's lap, and head off to bklyn.

Drop off girl – who, it turns out, pretty much lives at a KFC. It's so Seinfeld, it's ridiculous. Proceed to take Boy 2 home. Get to apartment, take care of the bike, hug good-bye & then start getting directions back to the bridge. At this point, my bladder has come to the realization that it is now holding 3 pints of beer and a bottle & a half of water… okay, can you feel it coming? I *actually* use the line, "can I come in for a sec to use the bathroom?". But seriously, I had to – I wasn't being THAT girl, I swear. ** Bathroom Break** We walk back out side arm & arm (see I TOLD you it wasn't like that) as he struggles to come up with directions that won't have me driving in circles. He leans up against the bug & settles on some. I walk up on him, thank him, and lean in – not particularly expecting, but kind of wondering if --- *bam*. That's it – we're totally kissing. Woo-hoo, really, really wonderful kiss – definitely top ten, no REALLY. We hug goodbye, do the "call me" thing & I’m back in the car. I actually make some sort of "yee-hah" noise from the sound proof safety of my vehicle. I drive home ALL smiles – because my night has been perfect & that kiss was the sweetest icing on my cake. I sail home (nothing, I repeat NOTHING in the world like pulling down 80 in your brand new turbo on the Major D with some MBV blasting & the windows down right after kissing the boy you like) smiling the whole way.
The End.

More reflection on this tomorrow… there's a bar in WP calling my name, and for the love of god… its saying that Kevin Lynch is bartending!!!


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Sep. 18th, 2003 11:01 am (UTC)
and now you listen to my bloody valentine. you're awesome.
Sep. 18th, 2003 11:52 am (UTC)
Awwwwww, lol, I wish I'd been listening to them for longer... it's really been a more recent development. My friend Vince got me into them sometime around January?
( 2 spankings — spank your inner moppet )