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the return of the boys

I think we've discussed before how annoying boys can be in that they seem to have a tracking device of sorts that lets them know the exact moment you've given up / moved on / stopped thinking of them so that they can inexplicably pop back up in your life and force their way to the forefront of your thoughts.

Please allow me to offer up TWO examples of this from this week:

The boyD called us on Saturday to make sure he wouldn't be lonely at Misshapes. This isn't quite so strong an example as it was much more of a peace offering than an a flirtation, but it was a re-surfacing nonetheless - unexpected and ever so slightly befuddling.

the Face. We haven't heard a peep out of the face since our game of voice mail tag two weeks ago. I left the first message, he replied with a breezy "lets chat sometime", I responded in kind, he never called back. And so I did what I was supposed to do and sat on my hands for 2 weeks. I left the ball in his court and kept myself from calling, emailing, or asking anyone about him. Of course I am not infinitely patient, but I figured would run into him on Thursday and that hopefully my stoic display of restraint would be interpreted as charmingly aloof or mysteriously indifferent and sparked some latent interest in the boy. Alas, Thursday came and went and I saw neither hide nor hair of him. By late Thursday I concluded that my plan had failed miserably and that since I wouldn't have another convenient excuse to see him for a further two weeks, I might as well pack it in. Reciting my favorite SatC quote (that I didn't realize until Sunday had spawned a book) He's Just Not That Into You. ::sigh:: So then, having put him in the "not gonna happen" box, he OF COURSE ims me at work the very next day. Because that's just how my life works these days... everyone wants to be a jack in the box. He doesn't mention that he never returned my call, but he does offer up that he too had been struck down by the plague. He avoids my questions about when he'll be getting back from his weekend adventures, but then suggests that I dress to "match" him for Halloween... as in, he announced who he would be dressed as and then presented me with two "acceptable" options... both of whom were known lovers of his. Right. I fully expect to not hear from him for another two weeks, because it will undoubtedly take that long for me to put him out of my head once again... ::sigh::

On a completely different note - or really, a fairly similar note i guess... I spent a majority of my weekend with the BMOC. It turns out the boy has a little more game than I gave him credit for and my lingering plague didn't frighten him in the least. Friday night I stayed out with him until he got off of work, and then made the slow crawl with him across the river (anyone know why the hell the turnpike was closed at 4 am?). We went to a diner for breakfast and talked forever over two seemingly bottomless cups of coffee, before opting to take a walk down by the river holding hands, smooching and watching the Carnival Cruise ship dock as the sun slowly lit the skyline. We laughed a lot, I coughed a lot... it was kind of surreal, or maybe hyper-real? in that slightly-neurotic-with- sleep-dep-yet-wired-from-too-much-caffeine-Woody-Allen kind of way. I got home about 8 ish, downed a shot of Nyquil, drew the curtains, mumbled to myself about being nocturnal, and drifted off to sleep with a smile curling up on my lips.

Saturday he & I met up again at Tiswas and then strolled over to Mishhapes. There was much dancing and giggling and varying degrees of pda - we were cute and I was comfortable, so of course we have to cue the freak out, right? right. He asked if I was in the market for a boyfriend. gasp, gasp, oh god, can't breathe, not enough air to breathe in rapidly shrinking car... It actually wasn't that terrible - I simply said that I was a little wary of boys and he commended me on my sensibility as they are "a terrible lot" and added that he'd still like to see me more. I concurred. I am SUCH a boy (ie: a big fat wuss) when it comes to real emotion or commitment. ::sigh:: at least we're all agreed about continuing to take things slowly.

Side note of adorability? On Saturday night boyD threatened to kill the BMOC if he hurt me... I know, too adorable for words, right?

so yeah. boys abounding, cold lingering, wedding approaching... tonight I'm hawking my killers tix to go see the gostation, and then pop over to Atomique. Never fear, I for one, am not abandoning my favorite band of this year - I'll try to catch their dj set tonight at the Dark Room and I'll be at tomorrow's Irving show too.


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Oct. 5th, 2004 01:26 pm (UTC)
you know how I'm voting on this one...that photo sums it all up. so adorable!
Oct. 5th, 2004 01:46 pm (UTC)
uhhh, yeah. this is not a democracy, it's not even a cheerocracy... there is no VOTING here.

besides, there is nothing to vote on.

Get thee a hopper flight from Paris and quit pushing me out the plane - I'm deathly afraid of heights and I don't trust any of those parachutes.
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