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ok, i know, but I've been ill.
and since I haven't been out in the city since last Friday night, i don't have much to say.

I will say the following though:

I can't believe I missed Keane at Irving last night... damn this plague and the lack of available last-minute tickets!! From a generally reliable source, "They were truly what a great POP band should be and the crowd was eating it up." ::sigh::

Scott Muni Died yesterday at the age of 74. This might not mean a whole lot to most of you, but to those of us who have worshipped any of "Scottso"'s amazing radio programs, it's kind of like losing a friend. Lunchtime just won't be the same without his patented Beatles Blocks.

I'm stepping back out into the world tonight... After months of missing them, I'm finally getting to see The Forms again. They'll be rocking out at the Mercury Lounge tonight at 9 pm, and since Tween & I couldn't work out our new "soccer mom" plan for this evening, I'll be taking the bug down around 7ish. Post - Forms, I'm thinking about trying to catch new up&comers Bloc Party at the Knitting Factory, but I'm not all too certain I'll be able to catch them.

actual entries will resume once the plague ceases and my head clears up again and/or my Robitussin high wears off...


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Sep. 30th, 2004 03:59 pm (UTC)
Scott Muni
:( Oh my sad to hear he passed away. In the 70's he was the bible for hearing great new and old rock n roll(yeah I'm that old). I met Scott a few times in the early 80's (my brother was good friends with a few of the WNEW dj's) and he was always extremely nice and full of knowledge especially the Beatles. It was guys like Scott that have kept me going to concerts and listening to new music for so many years cause back then he was in his late 40's and still listening to new music.

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