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I didn't survive the weekend.

Ah plague, welcome back, haven't seen you in ever so long...

Yeah. I woke up at 4 am on Sunday coughing so violently I was sure my lungs were being liquefied. I could not lay back down for the balance of the day... I had to stay propped up to keep from drowning in phlegm, and my brief excursions into napping consisted of me resting my head on the mound of pillows I had my arms around. Needless to say the impromptu family trip to Boston and back was less than pleasurable in my condition - although my coughing seemed much less intense by the time we got there. It was a beautiful day, a nice ride, and nice to catch up with the girly-half of the family, but it's really kind of miserable to be trapped in a car for 8 hours when all you really want is to try to sleep and/or DIE.

more later... time for soup.