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You may have gotten an email to this effect today, so I'm sorry if I'm being redundant, but it's an issue very close to my heart and it's M&M's for crying out loud, everyone love M&M's...

Basically, buy a bag of the "pink &white" M&Ms. For every bag you buy, M&M's parent company will donate fity cent to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. oops! my bad, i meant Fifty Cents. Just do it. You know you want the chocolate.

Green is the new black...

Funny how a redhead dressed in green always attracts a certain amount of attention... so despite the fact that I always felt a little off in that "I look like a leprechaun" kind of way, I'm starting to think I should wear it a little more often.

Oh riiiight. I had a date last night...

Everyone relax - it wasn't an unmitigated disaster, and it wasn't bells ringing, fireworks, [or] a dulcet choir of pretty little birdies either. It was nice. Or I think it was? I suppose I don't really have much to measure it against... but I'm pretty sure it was successful. I ended up wearing my new green satin camisole with a little brown skirt and an off white silk cardigan. We had a wonderful dinner at The World Cafe, we talked and laughed for hours about our families, the Spice Girls, and the Star Wars Christmas Special with Bea Arthur. Later on we drove downtown like Petula Clark and grabbed a couple of drinks at Rififi, and when the clock struck One, I hopped in my green pumpkin and sped off into the night. There might have been a good night kiss involved. And yes, he already said he wants to see me again "hopefully soon". We like this BMOC-- we're going to keep our eye on him. He has a little Neal Denning in him, and we think that's a very good thing. We kind of wish he had a little more game though... we think we'll stop talking in the royal "we" now.

it was kind of awesome to stay in the other night with my boo ver. 2.0. When's the last time YOU played a rousing game of Go Fish? How about Hide and Go Seek? Yeah... I thought so. There are entirely too many head games and too few actual games in our lives these days. Speaking of which, I'm fairly sure i NEED the new 90's edition of Trivial Pursuit.

The city clears out again this weekend (have fun fasting & feasting kids!), so thank goodness I have a full schedule ahead of me...

Tonight I'll be at Plaid around 9 for the open bar and yeah, to see the Kiwi's band play. From there, I'll likely mosey on over to Rothko to check in on the Madison Strays. After party is at the Delancey, but I might stop by 85A first for the new Saturation party first... we shall see, we shall see.

Saturday is the McCarthy - VanLeight wedding extravaganza, aka preppypalooza '04. I'm wearing the black dress from MoFo, and considering I can walk home from the reception (yes I live a scant two minute walk from one of the most exclusive Country Clubs in Westchester, that still doesn't make me rich) I plan to make good use of the open bar & the extensive wine cellar at Siwanoy. Plus, for whatever reason, I never wound up making out on the golf course in High School like pretty much EVERYONE else I know, so we'll see if that can't be arranged. Romance aside, it actually should be fun... I think a lot of the boys (does it surprise anyone in the least that my high school social life revolved around a group of about 8 guys? Yeah, didn't think that would really be a shocker.) are going & I haven't seen most of them in SO long, and I've been nostalgic lately for the days of the Burnt Van and it's Rush/Sabbath soundtrack.

Sunday afternoon (pot hangover) I plan on heading over to the East River Bar in Williamsburg [6th Street btw Bedford & Berry] to see the fantabulous Benzos & the much touted The Blue Van.

Monday takes us back to Atomique... if I survive the weekend, I'm sure you'll find me sucking down an overprices Sparks or two (no more than two mind you) downstairs at 11.