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freak out version 2.0

Date now! Avoid the Holiday Rush!!!

So, Summer was officially over, when? Yesterday? It's fall. Pre-season for the holidays, time when all the crazy summer singletons start to think about how nice it would be have someone other than their cat/dog/roommate to snuggle up on the couch with for the new tv season. And everyone knows there's nothing more depressing than being single for the holidays - particularly on NYE or simply to avoid your family's third degree about when you think you'll get around to having kids "'cause you're not getting any younger you know..." And so, the coupling begins. Besides, if you actually start a relationship now that's still going strong by the holidays you're practically guaranteed a decent gift and invites to each other's various festivities. If you wait too much longer you get stuck in that "we just started dating" limbo where you're not sure that box set you know he'd love is going to be answered with a mix cd or an aqua box with a little white bow. And so I say once again, "date now and avoid the holiday rush".

now having said that, lets examine the word.... DATE

I have to say, it strikes a bit of fear into my heart. I think it's mostly my lack of experience with the concept. I mean it always looked harmless enough on tv or in the Archie comics - but in real life it's kind of terrifying. I think maybe it's that "8 dates ever" thing. And in retrospect, only two of them spawned second dates - and only one of them resulted in a relationship... so it's really no wonder that I'm so wary of this ritual. I prefer the 7th grade method of dating... hang out with a boy, develop a crush, kiss him one day and *poof* you're in a relationship. No awkwardness there - seamless transition from friend to lover, no pre-arrangement, no fancy dinners or forced conversations... I know I've complained before about the fact that guys don't seem to ever invite me out on dates, but the truth be told - I hate them, with a passion. There are these expectations, and anti-expectations. You start to worry that this person that you presumably at least like either will hate you by the end of the evening or vice versa... it's a veritable nightmare for overthinkers like myself.

So. Despite my preconceived notions about dating... I'm going on a date tonight. and it's ABOVE 14th street. We're talking about a nice restaurant north of the park, far far away from the possibility of running into ANYONE we know. I'm actually looking forward to it. I think. As long as I don't feel any expectations projected onto me I'll be fine. I am wearing a dress, i think - I have to see what still fits. I wish the bruises on my legs would get gone already, there's not a whole lot of bare leg season left and they're keeping me down.

Oh an Krock's Resurrection lunch is the best radio show EVER (ok, maybe best lunch show on now, ok maybe best show not counting Scottso...) Today they Played Social Distortion, Belly, Hole, and the Pumpkins. I died and went to Alternative Nation heaven.