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in lieu of my actual post, which was deleted, I offer you the following:

me: you
Giulia: me?
me: you made me lose my post
Giulia: quoi??
Giulia: ha. at first i thought that said "you made me lost my pants"
Giulia: and i was like "if only i had that effect on more people"
me: LOL
me: i cut it to paste it into a spell check
me: and I saw that I wanted to link you
me: so i went to your site & cut your url
Giulia: you wanted to link to me? yay!
Giulia: no one links to me anymore
Giulia: but i guess i can't complain since i update like once a month
Giulia Doll: you should just start linking to my livejournal...i update that so much more often
me: well I was starting the post by saying that you were bored at school today
Giulia Doll: how could you know that? are you telepathic?!?
Giulia Doll: oh right. i'm always bored at school...

in the interim, I will not be out at Metric tonight, I'm just not that into them. So instead I will be up in the Mahopac chillin with the boo version 2.0, basking in the digitally enhanced glow of Chapter IV - A New Hope.

Tomorrow night I have "The Date". Once I figure out what we're actually doing I promise to post a proper freak out.

Also there's been a bit circulating in my head about sex that needs a few hours of my time to pen... about the "wow" factor and why it seems to me that the best of boys are always sold separately / assembly required. But, like I said, I'll get to that at some point. And I'll try to re-write the blog that never was. oy. goddamn clipboard.