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how much am i LOVING this weather?

I'm such a sucker for the changing of the seasons... and Autumn is certainly a favorite. Walking outside the last few nights has felt just like Halloween, and you start to get that wonderful smell from homes that have made up the first fire of the season. Plus fall fashion always excites me 10 times more than the crap they tend to generate every spring. Now those of you who know me probably get why... aside from my absurd obsession with flip-flops, I am all about rich, textured fabrics that don't see the light of day until the thermometer dips below 65. Wool? Tweed? You betcha. Cashmere? Velvet? Fuck yes. I'm a fuzzy sweater girl - Cashmere /Angora blends might be the fastest way to my heart. C'mon now, you just can't beat the feeling... it's like cuddling constantly with a dozen baby bunny rabbits. And the velvet thing? Well, I think might be a side effect from our High School Homecoming semi-formals. And yeah, the first couple of crisp days always "get me" in some sort of nostalgic way. I'm like a child who can't wait to rush outside to play in the leaves (even though they haven't really fallen yet) and for some reason I want to hear nothing but Zeppelin blasting out of my car speakers (anyone else have a very weird Autumn = Zeppelin thing? I've been noticing this for at least 3 seasons now... Zep makes me think of fall and Fall weather makes me crave Zep). But worst of all? The weather brings on an acute case of Northeast-Preppie syndrome... I want to go apple or pumpkin picking, have cider and doughnuts and pie. I want to play touch football in Abercrombie sweaters and Tretorns, or sip hot coffee while watching rosy-cheeked children play red-rover in the park. I want to go antiquing in Connecticut, wear fishermen sweaters and feed the goddamn Canadian geese for crying out loud!!!

Um, yeah. I'm obviously a little insane. In an attempt to break the autumnal bonds of suburbia, I'm running downtown in a little while to see Ashley's new apartment & celebrate her first day as a working girl in Manhattan. We're going to sip champagne, NOT listen to Zeppelin, and giggle our way over to 11 for Audrey's Atomique where the lovely Tarts of Pleasure will be spinning.

oh right... there was a weekend too, right? Friday night I got lost in the West Village & missed the play... which worked out well, because boy2 simultaneously flaked on my ass. He called & was forgiven, but, damn. I think that's the first time I've ever actually been stood up. It sucked. In the meantime I wandered over to Rothko to enjoy a little open bar magic. Hooray for open bars. Hooray for Ali for meeting me out, for Brett being so much fun, and for Giulia for timing her stroll around the block to run into me. Hooray for boys who sign the mailing list because they think I'm cute, for Italian TV producers who hand me their card & actually say "ciao bella", and for the GoStation for rocking the house down. One of their best live performances to date, and they absolutely secured many more fans from Rothko that evening... people were asking me if I had their CD for sale - it was cool. So was Popfrenzy. I missed Greg's set (I should not be allowed to drive into brooklyn from Manhattan by myself... I only ever get lost for 20 minutes before figuring out where the hell I was supposed to be going) but kicked up my heels to Nora's funfilled set hey, am i imagining that she broke out a little lisa lisa and the cult jam? please someone straighten that out for me...

Saturday night's bachelorette was an evening that took me from the UWS to the UES to the village, to Midtown & beyond... and we had a fucking BLAST. Dyana and I were hammered by the time we left the restaurant and were walking down Broome Street clutching each other & shrieking "BOOBY HEAT" in between fits of hysterical laughter. Oh yes, we WERE those girls, and we were those girls all night long... oh, and, um, yeah... there might have been some table dancing involved in the evening. And "gummy sperms". And candy necklaces. Dear lord, we really really were those girls... and I'd forgotten how much fun that can be!!!

Sunday was simply beautiful. And the perfect day to watch a couple 50 years in the making renew their vows... but even more perfect for eating far too much with your family and washing it down with waaaaaaaaaaay too much red wine. And laughing. God, I love my cousins... we're all such fucking drunken smart-asses, there's no way that you can't instantly tell we're related.


I placed a drunken "hey whatcha doing" call to the Face, or rather, to his voice mail. To my utter shock, he called back on Sunday. Per the message on my phone, he'd been visiting his parents for the weekend (something I'd concluded last week, but completely lost in my drunken haze) and he suggested I call so we could "chat". The message gave me baby butterflies, as did returning the call (10 hours later of course, have to keep up the volley) which, tag, you're it resulted in yet another voice mail... we'll see where we go from there.

the BMOC was very good all weekend. I didn't get a chance to stop by and see him on Friday night, but I still didn't hear from him until this afternoon's txt message :) So far, we're still on for Thursday.

Had a little chat with another friend who knows the Brain & got a different perspective... still not sure what if anything to make of him. The real test will be whether or not he shows up again tonight, and what happens if he does show. I think the encounter should be rather telling... but we shall see.


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Sep. 21st, 2004 06:14 am (UTC)
Thank you for the delicious surprise (since I didn't read this before you showed up it was a surprise)! Our pre-game soundtrack indeede did not include Zeppelin but rather Auburn Lull and Junior Boys. I'll pick a more "fall" soundtrack next time;)
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