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when it rains it pours... how many times have we been through this? Either my romantic life is a barren landscape dotted with prehistoric crushes, or I'm frantically juggling in attempt not to upset anyone – or my potential with them. This week it is definitely the latter. Now that I'm back to discussing three very specific people, we have to go back to naming them. Now the Betas kind of crashed and burned before ever making much of an impact, so I think I'm just going to retire that class and christen "the deltas" (yes, I'm well aware that gamma would be the next letter in the Greek Alphabet, but hi, hello, Animal House? Plus 'delta' doesn't remind me of radiation or man in the moon marigolds, and besides... have you seen how I count?) So I suppose I ought to designate them now... perhaps in the spirit of Animal House I'll give them nicknames instead of alphanumeric detailing. Hmmn. How about The Face, The BMOC and The Brain? I think that works for now.

the Face... is the one who makes me smile without trying. Things with him have been moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. I'd almost say it's because he's a little on the shy side, but then again, he's so slick with the lines and so ridiculously pretty, it's hard to imagine he's not a player. We've had a grand total of one absolutely incredible makeout session, a couple of flirt fests, and a plethora of lines that melt me including, "I only have fun when I'm with you" and "You're so fabulous, and you know it too don't you?" So, obviously I'm smitten. Who the hell says things like that? Plus we all know how well I react to the "I'm ever so slightly out of reach" boys. Well, we finally exchanged digits this weekend, but he hasn't made use of them yet, nor has he been online to chat this week, nor do i know when I might see him again... especially since I think he might be ducking out of town for the weekend.

the BMOC (big man on campus) - I actually met the BMOC a few months ago at a party. He bought me drinks and we chatted for a bit until I had to leave and his attentions were forwarded to a friend of mine for a while. I'd seen him out once or twice since then until the infamous night of motherfucker, wherein apparently we danced, I sang him Run Around Sue in it's entirety, we made out, and I gave him my phone number. I don't know how we even started talking to each other that night... but I do recall sharing a smoke and enjoying the kissing. I was mortified when he called me up, I was sure he thought I was some alcoholic freak of a girl. It seems I was wrong. It seems I left something of a lasting impression. I wish I knew what in the hell I did, I might do it more often! He called me nearly every day last week, and I saw him at least twice. And we might have kissed again in public. And it's entirely possible that I agreed to go on a DATE with him this week. Oh, and yeah, I'm predictably freaking out. I'm feeling pressured already by the calling, his omnipresence in my general vicinity at various events, the pda's - basically the warning signs of an insta-boyfriend. Plus there's the whole "date" thing. We all remember how neurotic I am about dating right? Since the date with boy8 was actually a scam involving a video, pabst & sex... this will officially be Jocelyn's 9th date ever. And it's tomorrow, so I still have all night to flip-out over it. yay.

the Brain - is only being described as such because of his relentless pursuit of academia. We might have dubbed him 'prepster', or 'instacrush', but we were feeling the John Hughes inspired nicknames... he is incredibly cute and drumroll please....... tall!!! We were introduced a few weeks ago and I immediately felt the twinge of a starter-crush. We've been emailing a bit, nothing extraordinary... but when I saw him again this week? Let's just say he jumped a few notches. We had the most fantastic conversation I've had in what seems like forever. It was balanced and easy and we actually lost track of the time. I told him things it might normally take me weeks even months to reveal, and there were good smiles going on too, which really can't be underestimated in raising the value of a good conversation. Seriously? I'd take that conversation over almost any of the sex I've had this year, it was that satisfying. And we left together, and I drove him home, and he kissed me goodnight. On the lips. [interjection... we were discussing this very topic just the other day and I had come to the conclusion that a kiss goodbye on the mouth is a statement - abiguous as it may be - because it involves making a conscious choice to stray from the norm, i.e.: the cheek. Please feel free to challenge my assessment] I floated home. I even woke up in a good mood the next day. It kind of made my week.

So there you have it folks. The Deltas. But of course we can throw a couple old school jams into the mix just for fun, right? I'm going to "the theatre" with boy2 on Friday. Providing he doesn't flake. I will pound him if he flakes. I will also have an extra ticket to see a preview for "Finer Noble Gasses" if he flakes - so if anyone's interested in playing second string quarterback, let me know. And just to raise the level of difficulty on my juggling routine? My tour of nations playmate (whom i shall call "the Accent") is dropping into town Friday night... well, provided they didn't fuck up their travel plans. I should mention that the pictures of The Accent & yours truly made their way into the hands of an up and coming New York Rockstar who proceeded to inform me (based on the pictures) that this boy was not a great kisser and also that things are "never just innocent fun". I found this entire exchange incredibly amusing, and trust me, you would have too. Firstly, The Accent was a fine kisser, and secondly, since when do boys admit that nothing is strictly about fun? That's as bad as a girl complaining about a boy who calls too often... welcome to my new world folks, 78% more twisted than before!!!

Tonight? I sleep. Tomorrow I promise to review my Joseph Arthur experience and to apologize profusely for missing two bands whom I adore play last night.

Oh, and L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevuh !!!

I'm going to miss all of you who are going into hiding for the weekend ::mwah!::


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Sep. 16th, 2004 11:36 am (UTC)
love the new names. so much easier to keep straight this way. let the adventure(s) continue!
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