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all we are is, all in the ocean...

does anyone else think it's odd that I wound up with a hit from Sudan today?
it's just so random... what up Sudan?

Okay. So, Friday night at the Mercury Lounge... for the first time EVER, in the history of the myriad of shows I have attended there over the years, The Mercury sets were on time. As in 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 - as discussed on the website, and not 9, 10, 11, 12 - as would normally be the case (set in chalk for the world to see upon arrival). so, I ended up arriving at 10. Now, at the worst I figured Pela would probably be over, and that because I had to stand on line for 10 minutes, I might miss The Upwelling's first song... oh, so sad, this was not the case. I caught only two songs from the Upwelling. TWO. I was crushed. At least they were two of my favorites, American Night and Diamond Ring... and in that order, which is unusual for the boys, who normally close with American Night.

Have we talked about American Night yet and how in love with this song I am? I think not. Well, it's important to note that I fell in love with the song off the ep, before I had so much as an inkling that it was such a crowd favorite or their closer. But yes, I am madly in love with the song... it think it's the combination of the following two lyrical lines: come on let's drive to the ocean tonight and The new sun just makes the ocean colder. Maybe it's how the first line exposes a long time secret passion of mine... driving out to the ocean at night just to sit and watch the surf roll in. The soothing sound of the waves drown out whatever troubles are on my mind, leaving me with some semblance of peace. Maybe it's how the second line reminds me of Fiona's Love Ridden "i want your warm but it will only make me colder when it's over" - because it's something I struggle with too often, the idea of tasting something so sweet, it makes everything else seem bitter in comparison. Maybe the whole song reminds me of our escapades on the beach last year... heads heavy with sweet clouds indulging in a little night swimming au natural... how ridiculously wonderful it felt to be that uninhibited. Or maybe, it's just my current theory that "ocean" can be the sexiest word in the English language if sung by someone who truly appreciates the simple pleasures of the shore. For example, Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean / Ivy - Edge of the Ocean / Modest Mouse - Ocean Breaths Salty / Travis - Driftwood / Tori Amos - Tear in Your Hand / Joseph Arthur - Vacancy - - all amazing examples of how the rounded "O" can sound, how it can melt into the rolling shhhhh, then crest and collapse into itself with the sound of it's diphthong stretching out into a final "n". Maybe I'm partial, loving the water the way I do, but it's just such a beautiful word, and it's never sounded sexier than it does pouring from the lips of Upwelling lead singer Ari Ingber... i know i know too gushy, but I swear it's true.

Okay. Moving on... Dirty on Purpose. Wow. I know I'm always talking about how much this band improves every time I see them, but this time, they truly deserve this distinction. And if there was an MVP? Or rather a "Most Improved" award? It should go to Erika. This girl has been completely transformed from "Dorothy the small and meek" to a full on chanteuse whose deceptively delicate vocal stylings resonated with a new found confidence and strength. In the words of PIP's Iona, "Applause. Applause. Applause". Impressed once again, I'm now more anxious than ever to see what they do next.

Rounding out the evening was the much touted Rainer Maria. A band that for some reason I was fairly convinced would be incredibly pretentious Art Rock. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is an Emo band. As my dear friend Alex put it, they could be the "Emo" exhibit at Epcot Center. So hooray, i killed three birds with one stone:
A) I discovered what it is exactly that people are referring to when they throw around the word "emo".
(apparently it involves some slightly off-key scream-singing layered over pretty music and almost ridiculously intense lyrics )
2) I discovered that I would have been pretty into the emo if I'd been exposed to it back in the day.
D) I discovered that I actually like the Rainer Maria
Someone remind me to find out what color Caithlin uses on her hair... it was a very very good red.

Saturday night I got to see Morning Theft rock out at Tiswas. Again, they boys seem to be playing better and better... in particular i loved their new song and I can't wait to hear how it progresses. Also, should the boys shoot a video in the near future where they use "mock live footage" for the love of god, don't let them do it anywhere but Don Hill's. It was such a perfect stage for them - the level, the risers, the lighting, the absence of promotional signs or banners... plus it's just the right size in that goldilocks kind of way. Oh! And Rob's new haircut is super cute and makes his baby face look almost his own age. Nora and I, being the smart cookies that we are, walked over to Misshapes before MT went on to get stamped for the evening and avoid the massive throngs of people sure to be crowding it's sidewalk as Jarvis Cocker's dj set began at Midnight. Our stroll paid off big time. There were indeed throngs, there were people who waited an waited and never got in - it was packed to the gills, yet still a whole lot of fun... particularly watching a young member of Surefire who may or may not be obsessed with the film "You Got Served" display his kermit-like-flailing skills on the dance floor. Trust me, you've never seen anything quite like this before. Jarvis' set was equal parts fan-favorites and obscure yet still remarkably danceable tunes... it was bizarre to look over towards the dj booth and notice that the 25 people in closest proximity to him were just standing and staring. This block of people frozen in the middle of an otherwise gyrating sea of partygoers, frozen like some sort of freakish gallery. DJ Melody Nelson made my night with Such Great Heights, and the Tarts of Pleasure kicked it up a notch with songs that have been lying at the bottom of our playlists for too long like Fell in Love with A Girl

There is, of course, boy drama which I promise to delve into later... I may have agreed to go on an actual date. We all know how much that immediately freaks the hell out of Jocelyn, so stay tuned for my minor meltdowns & why I'll have us divorced before we even decide on a restaurant.

As for tonight... I'm going to eleven (hehehehe) for Atomique to hear the latest from The Faint, and to see how the boys of The Shut The Fuck Up decide to serenade us on a chill Monday evening.


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Sep. 13th, 2004 03:34 pm (UTC)
"pretentious Art Rock"
no such thing!!!

What the listening public call "pretentious art rock" is actually talented musicians play good music that the listening public is too unsophisticated to listen to. The musicians who played "art rock" were bored playing easy music and when they started playing stuff that was more complexed the listening public and music critics cried we don't like it or understand it so lets call them pretentious. Hey these musicians could have just left the rock realm and started playing jazz or classical and they wouldn't have been called pretentious. Oh wait they had to do that in the 80's because talented musicians were not required in the early 80's.

of course there were one or two pretentious groups but they were the exception in Art Rock not the norm.

You know who ;)

Sep. 14th, 2004 01:59 pm (UTC)
Re: "pretentious Art Rock"
ok, i know we had the whole "no music is pretentious" conversation, and orginally i agreed, but i think i'm taking that back now. There are pretentious bands. And it doesn't necessarily have to do with their skill level or how bored they've become with "easy" music, it has to do with their attitude towards whatever music they happen to be playing. That being said, art rock bands are no more likely to be pretentious than anyone else - but in general, listening to them doesn't affect me in any deep meaningful way so really they're not my cup of tea to begin with.
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