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Alrighty then.

I owe everyone a much less intense post, no?

Wednesday actually did get much better... despite the continual downpour, my hysterical hormones and the rest.
The big turnaround for the day came in the shape of an im from the crush dujour.
Him: what up cutie pie?
Me: melts in to the floor, can't stop smiling for a good hour
[blah, blah, blah...]
Him: I need breakfast
Me: I need lunch
Him: wanna cyber lunch?
Me: how do we manage that?
Him: Screw it
Me: Alright, but then you'll have to get me real lunch sometime
Him: done and done.
Me: shrieking with glee like the 12 year old me seeing a NewKid at the mall

::sigh:: I can't wait to see him again

In the meantime... I was treated to an incredibly intimate performance by Ben Kweller at the SPIN offices yesterday. Just him wandering through the crowd with his guitar and his plucky sense of humor serenading the 40-odd guests crammed into a tiny room without A/C . You gotta love him... he's just the most adorable thing you'll ever see. He sang the title track from his new album On My Way which he motioned he'd written on his way back from Japan. His comment immediately reminded me of a conversation I'd had a few weeks back with someone who had run into Ben in Tokyo... Apparently Mr. Kweller was quite soused by the time he threw his arms around my friend insisting that they "hang out some time and get hammered". Now ordinarily you might find that kind of behavior obnoxious... but when it's Ben's adorable puppy-ish face smiling up at you? Yeah. After watching him perform for us, I pretty much decided there's no one on earth I'd rather sit around and get tanked with.

From Spin we sped on over to Roseland for the illustrious Franz Ferdinand. Now the Delays had been opening for them, and I was really hoping to catch their set (if you'll recall, i absolutely adore them) but alas, it took me too long to find parking in the dreaded midtown and their set was over by the time i walked in with Jed & Ashley. We managed to snag some pretty impressive spots up against the gate on the left of the stage... close enough, in fact, that i was able to use my super-human eyesight to read the setlist through the back of the page taped up by the guitars about 15 feet away. Judging by first letter and title length - i even nailed a couple of them! Anyhow... FF continued their strides towards world domination... the masses of Roseland stomped and jumped, and pumped their fists with glee to each and every song including a new one entitled "Your Diary". While our only slightly obstructed vantage points were rather sweet, I can't help but wish I had ventured into the crowd... it's always more fun to be in the thick of things at a show like that - it's like the energy passes from the band into the crowd, from sweaty body to sweaty body like an electrical current, and some how the sides of the venue always seem to get bypassed...

After the show we made our way over to Rothko - where, please GOD, someone needs to figure out a better way of handling events with advance ticket sales & guest lists... as it were we stood in a tangled mass of people on the sidewalk for over 20 minutes before we finally were able to redeem our tickets - THAT WE HAD ALREADY PAID FOR!!! ::sigh:: Having said that... the new downstairs section of Rothko kicks a whole lot of ass. I LOVED it. I can't wait to spend some time dancing around in that groovy new room tucked away in the back. Upstairs, while less obnoxious now that they took out the staircase, was still ridiculously over packed and damn near impossible to move around in just before the band finally went on sometime after 1 am. The band, being The Futureheads who had been FF's second opening act. I was tired by the time they went on, and ready to walk out after the first song if they weren't impressive... but instead i was bouncing and bopping and wishing i knew all the words to sing along to. i ::heart:: the futureheads. And I predict that they will do very well in this whole indie-dance-rock thing that's emerging now & sneaking into the mainstream . However, i was still having trouble keeping my eyes open and i decided that I'd have to settle for only half a set in the interest of getting home safe and sound. So despite Nora & Nicole's protests, I missed the rest of the futureheads AND the boys of Franz djing, but I was all snuggly and in bed by 2... so I'd say it worked out in the end.

Tonight, tonight, tonight, ohh, ohhhhhh... (thank you Phil Collins)
I will be at the Mercury Lounge. Three, count them, THREE, fantastic bands all of whom I know and love are opening for the reigning darling of the brooklyn hipster set, Rainer Maria. Namely, Pela, whom I haven't seen in almost a year, but whom I unabashedly adored after seeing them for the first time at Sin-e last fall; The Upwelling - whom you may recall as the band of the Brothers Ingber, whose live show was more than worth the wait and whose songs have been monopolizing the ipod for weeks now; And Dirty on Purpose, who showcase the vocal stylings of my long time love, "yo-yo boy", and in addition to being one of the prettiest and most original sound out there, were also the very first band to put Jocelyn on their guest list. So yeah... screw Rainer Maria - they might be great, they might be shit, but I can guarantee your ears a good time tonight from 9-12 ;)