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where does all the money go?

this is going to be a mockery of a post...

really i just want to let those of you who are stalking me know where I can be found over the course of this funtastic holiday weekend.

Tonight, after running around like a headless chicken, I'll be slumming in Williamsburg at the illustrious popfrenzy at Red & Black. I am NOT allowed to get ridiculously hammered or stay out past 2 am. I know, I know, but I'm dead serious... no matter how much i beg, do NOT feed me drinks after midnight, and get my ass out the door if the sky starts getting anywhere near twilliage.

Tomorrow, at some ungodly hour, I'll be on my way to Providence, RI for the first of the wedding onslaught. This is not like last time. I can safely guarantee that I will NOT magically appear at Crashin' In or Misshapes.

Sunday I'm getting back as early as brunch and my sure to be sweeping hangover will allow... I'm supposedly heading back to Williamsburg for a BBQ, but it's been cancelled three weeks in a row, so I'm not holding my breath here kids. Post BBQ it's all about MOTHERFUCKER. Seriously, I have been looking forward to this for at least a month. Stellastarr* are playing, pretty much everyone I know will be there, there's a RedBull&Vodka open bar for an hour, and yours truly has found a breath-defying new frock for the occasion.

Monday I plan on dying. Or possibly going to Coney Island.

Hmmn. In some cultures i believe that may be considered the same thing...