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oh folks, remember "reverse linking"? that's when i post a link to someone's site, and their nifty little "who's been linking to my site" gizmo points a big fat finger at yours truly. that would be how my darling bloggerazi discovered me in the first place back when i was unaware of this sneaky tactic... and once i discovered it? i apparently killed those brain cells. i'm really glad i'm such a flake though, how else would i get boys that i announce crushes on to discover my waxing on about conversations i half had with them?

so yeah, andy busted me today. i turned all the appropriate shades of pink, wrote him back and held my breath... lucky for me, a)he responded promptly and 2)he was nice about it.

in other news...

i rejoined the world of the living last night by checking out benzos at the merc. now some of you may recall that the yankees forced me to miss their last live appearance, so i was quite anxious to see them again - and they didn't disappoint. It's Amiable was particularly poignant, and the new songs were simply phenomenal. plus, they played warm road just for peter. ok. maybe not, but we'll let him think so, ok? afterwards we strolled around the corner to the dark room for a change of scenery where we spied several donnas, whom we don't like very much right now for reasons that are unfit to publish. then i decided to go home (having not touched a drop of alcohol all night in the interest of making some sort of effort to return to full health) but the mean boys twisted my arm into attending an anti-RNC function at happy endings. mean, terrible boys who didn't have to be up for work this morning. boys who will be beaten about the neck and shoulders upon their return from merry land.

and, i'm going to see hero tonight. here in the westchester. where i anticipate running into k and his girl because how else can i top my last trip to the movies?

oh, and Sarah appeared as if by magic from florida last night to regale me with hysterical vma stories, and apparently, name my car... edamame. whaddya think? it's been growing on me ALL day.