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Helllllllllooooo... I'm here!

So here I am, rising as a phoenix from my ashes - from the "shell of a person" Kris was so convinced he left me...

*Bwahahahah!* -- JOKING people -- *insert eye roll* -- I'm not quite that "dramatical".

Wow. I started this account well over a year ago, but I guess it was solely to post replies to Charles… guess maybe its time I gave it a whirl? Well, props to Marci & Joe for keeping up with their journals & (indirectly) prompting me to get going on my own…

Today is a rather introspective / generally reflective kind of day. I don’t know – it’s one of those things when you’ve become privy to information you could have done without, and now you can only come to the conclusion that a large percentage of the population, more specifically the male population, are stupid. I know, I’m so profound -- right? Well, perhaps I’ll get into it later and dazzle you all with my brilliant observations and deductive skills, but frankly – I’m a bit dizzy and tired of the topic altogether.

Soooo… in other news: Had SUCH a great time the other night. I picked up Michelle early on Saturday & we went out with Joe & his best friend, Mat. Now... some time ago Joe & I had thought to set the two of them up, but then decided against it for a variety of reasons. Well, they seemed to hit it off all by themselves… which could really make for a really, really fun summer all around. As it was we ended up staying out until 6:30 Sunday & had one of the best nights in a long, long while... *insert giant-sized grin* ;)


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Jun. 19th, 2002 06:25 am (UTC)
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