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i'm a fucking MAMMAL dude

Robyn's reaction to my post... fucking most hysterical woman i KNOW

Robynsf: i understand every one of your frustrations
Robynsf: it's just the deal man
brainwavey: yeah. I'm just tired of being the one left holding the bag - you know?
Robynsf: i think it's important that you realize that you are not alone
Robynsf: and i think it's important to recognize that it's ok to want love to go with sex
Robynsf: and i think it's important to find a way to be able to have some fun too and enjoy your sexual freedom
brainwavey: right. lol
brainwavey: exactly

Robynsf: yes
Robynsf: i feel the same way
Robynsf: and here i found someone and found that i love them
Robynsf: and i prefer my sexual freedom cuz it's not THE GUY
Robynsf: you know?
Robynsf: life is fucking WHACK
Robynsf: you know what i do all the time?
Robynsf: i compare myself to other female mammals in my mind
Robynsf: like
Robynsf: i wonder why i get annoyed with people i date and become the irritable cunt
Robynsf: that's the praying mantis in me
Robynsf: i wonder why i have this unspoken deepseated desire that this man who i LOVE SO MUCH will inadvertently impreganate me... but then a month later i am praying for my period while plotting his untimely demise
brainwavey: omg i was answering the phone while reading that and lost my shit
Robynsf: that's the lioness in me
Robynsf: lol
Robynsf: i hate that i am so lonely and then when someone comes around, he invades my space and i feel like a caged animal
Robynsf: that's the cat in me
Robynsf: *SIGH*
Robynsf: seriously
Robynsf: nature
Robynsf: like
Robynsf: i am not so sure that we really ARE a monogamous species
Robynsf: lol
Robynsf: maybe it's cuz i am this old now and really independent
Robynsf: i don't know
brainwavey: i wonder too
brainwavey: I haven't been truly happy inside a realtionship in soooo long

Robynsf: you know why i am so happy with [name removed to protect the non-relationship -ed]?
Robynsf: because we aren't together
brainwavey: you can be yourself
brainwavey: lol

Robynsf: and
Robynsf: because he can't have his way with me
Robynsf: i feel like his attitude, personality and presence are like that of a king
Robynsf: he is regal and the other men no matter where we are, recognize that
Robynsf: and that feels very nice sitting to the left of my queenliness
Robynsf: ya dig?
Robynsf: and the only way he'll ever get to have me naked is if i say so
Robynsf: i'm a fucking MAMMAL dude
Robynsf: it's nice
Robynsf: LOL
brainwavey: lol
brainwavey: i LOVE you

Robynsf: you should post that on your site
brainwavey: you should just know that
Robynsf: that entire convo
Robynsf: thanks joc, i love you as well
brainwavey: I think I may have to
Robynsf: it's nice to have girlfriends who understand
brainwavey: totally
brainwavey: VERY important
brainwavey: otherwise I'd need constant counselling :-P

Robynsf: rofl



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Sep. 12th, 2003 10:26 am (UTC)
This I WILL actually comment on... minor point to the ingenious ravings of Ms. Bean, but a Preying Mantis is NOT a MAMMAL! That is all.
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