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wow... no comments on my last entry? I'm thinking that has to be a combo of those who knew biting their tongues and those who didn't unsure of whether or not they know me sufficiently well to comment on my mental health... or maybe K just didn't read it yet (c'mon i know you're DYING to say something)

anyhow... that was Friday, a peculiar night indeed. Went to the dark room for Alex Chow's birthday bash, ran into GTBF a few hundred more times, walked to Audrey's and back from houston & remembered why i don't walk in the city... they're called blisters, they come with these torture devices called heels. Really the evening was uneventful, I lost (& found) Nora, Matt & Danielle a few times, got to catch up with Audrey, heard half of greg's set and developed a mild crush on Andy CasadePunk... what? He was all cute talking about how much fun it was when he had a girlfriend and how he'd like to try it again sometime... i mean, that kind of line is like a tractor beam... you're gonna get sucked in, there is no way out.

Saturday is where things got interesting... first there was the shopping trip. Me & my gift card took a little trip to the clearance rack at Lord & Taylor. I came home with 3 dresses - all super cute, all ridiculously cheap. I actually wound up with a $340 dress for $25 - so pretty much the rest of the day could have sucked and I'd still have been fine.

Moving on... picked up Ashley at the train, had some laughs, freshened up, and boogied on down to the Mercury Lounge to see her friends from the Boston band The Good North really fun band, all kinds of cute boys, and I'm telling you all now their "slow jam" (as per Luke) is the radio hit. Seriously, they ought to be pushing that one back home in the Boston.

Then things got good... free drinks and lovely conversations with boys. Fits of laughter over cigarettes outside, The Bravery not annoying me quite as much as they have been lately (but not enough for me to finish out their set after they'd played what I consider to be all of their best songs), running into my crush dujour after I'd given up hope of running into him.... ::insert wicked huge grin:: Oh what!? I can't help it. I know I'm supposed to be all exacting and controlled, but when the boy smiles at me, I smile back - it's involuntary and truth be told, slightly disconcerting. Anyhow, it ain't just me - you should have seen his face when he saw me, it's all shades of "Jocelyn and Kris at EMS circa 1996".

We all moseyed on over to Opaline afterwards, and much to my delight the crush came with (and nary an arm twist required - thankyouverymuch) As per the last two times I'd been there - there were random nearly naked people wandering about, excellent tunes pumping, and a general good time to be had on the dance floor. There was some dancing with le crush, some flirting, some uncontrollable smiling... but no kissing this time 'round. Whatever it is between us is shaping up to be something of a strategic game, and while I'm fairly sure I could have demanded (and received) a kiss, I think it served all of our best interests for him to have left when he did.

Of course, that didn't mean I should go the entire night with out a nice pair of lips to keep me company... Now my tour of nations has been fairly limited, but believe me when I say that New Zealand is a highly underrated country with a highly underrated accent. Every word seemed to just melt in his mouth... from "baby doll" to (i kid you not) "tomato". And utterly charming to boot, i mean the boy actually said, "i could see you in LA, up on the silver screen... you really should be in pictures". come. on. now. how you gonna say no to that? have we been over my weakness for flattery, and especially the well timed use of classic lines? right. just checking. So there was a decent amount of public necking for the second week in a row. Rock on.

oh, and did i mention there was a photobooth?

how fucking cute are we? Damn i like being single sometimes!!!

uh, lessee, what else... oh right, our little awesome foursome picked up Matt & headed over to Misshapes - at 3:45. lol. they wouldn't let us in & I couldn't blame them - all i could do was beg the door guy to let me run up & make my apologies to Greg. From there it was back to the LES, and then after a misguided (and thankfully ultimately rejected) plan to let the boys accompany us to Westchester... we were happily lost in queens on our way to their crash site for the evening.

The hangover wasn't pretty,
the barbecue was cancelled,
the VMA's sucked ass,
Stellastarr* @ Central Park was actually aired on SATURDAY night - not as i belived - Sunday,
and i was struck down by the plague.

my tonsils and i will be in recovery in westchester this evening, everyone who's not forced to stay in should be at Rothko for the Blue Sparks / Aerial Love Feed... I wish I was there...


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Aug. 31st, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)
awwww. you is so beautiful hun. **Hugs**
Sep. 1st, 2004 06:54 am (UTC)
::mwah:: mamma, you give me a toothache ;)

btw, you'll never guess who's alive & well and crawled out of the woodwork to say hi last night - or, prolly you can, regardless, our favorite JAX boy says hi.

Now, he says he's up for a second visit to the big apple... um, ahem, when are you draggin YOUR pretty little ass up here to the big bad city? And no fair pointing at Fi's tour, for all we know that could still be years away!!!!
Sep. 1st, 2004 05:12 pm (UTC)
man, who knows. I'm gettin to the point where I don't make plans and just go where the wind takes me.. things seem to work out mo betta that way....

I do have a plane ticket credit that's just sitting waiting to be used, and I *was* sorta kinda thinking of going up to philly/jersey area to visit davebrown sometime in the winter... I wanna see snow... I bet if I asked nicely I could get him to accompany me up to the big apple...

seriously though joc.. you are simply gorgeous. it's been so long since I've seen you... seeing those shots yesterday just floored me. *SIGH* :D

Sep. 1st, 2004 05:13 pm (UTC)
oh. say hi to *CHAZ* for me too. hehe. ;)
Sep. 1st, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)
1) I'm sooo glad you don't have my 1/2 photo strip/evidence! What a night!

2) I still looooove the 4th photo most, although the 2nd one sums up our night best;)

3) "PG-13" can be (almost) as much fun. We did the right thing.

4) You forgot to include the $50+ extra dollars you made at the grocery store. You were all about the luck that night!

5) I can't for more adventures with you again and again and again. Just a little longer...
( 5 spankings — spank your inner moppet )