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and it makes me smile all around...

first off - Lawrence DOES cavort with socialites. I have borne witness to this. He has a thing for girls with pricey bleach jobs, he's fascinated by them with their world above 14th street with it's pretentiously designed hotel bars and $12 drinks. There's nothing wrong with that, (hello, does anyone remember that I've from the land of soccer moms & country clubs?) and I never said he cavorted solely with them or anything... ok, well maybe i did, but it was a just a defensive reaction, I swear!!

right. updating... what's that again?

ok ok, music. music I've seen and not spoken of...

The Killers @ The Bowery

everyone should see the killers, everyone should love the killers. if everyone could see the killers from the front of the stage with sarah and karen, then everyone would love the killers. the songs are so much fun, the boys are so cute, and when you're in the right crowd, the energy is infectious... the bowery was like a pit of 14 year old girls, all of us jumping up and down manically, shouting along at the top of our lungs, giggling to each other with wide smiles when Brandon walked over in his TOPSIDERS to grace us directly with his being. it was brilliant, it was too short, and it made me realize that there's something powerful about screaming, "indie rock and roll" with a few (okay, maybe a few hundred) other fans. because at that point it becomes an anthem... the song is cheesy, sure, but it doesn't matter in the least when you and countless sweaty others are believing in every word, even if it's only for a few moments ... "it's in my soul, it's what i need, it's indie rock and roll for me..." really, is there any better way to cut to the heart of why there are throngs of kids screaming at the bowery on any given night? everyone of them is pumping a fist thinking, yeah. this is what i'm about, this is why I'm here, this is where i belong and you know what? in that moment, when they can identify on that level with the music, make that kind connection with each other, and the band, it's true. this music that we love is like a drug, like a lover that you can't have enough of. it gets under your skin in such a way that you can't break free, you can't do anything but give in and let it take you where it will...

the winter pageant @ Rothko (Vicious)

Pretty, pretty music... not necessarily the most exciting live band you can see, but I definitely want to spend some time with their recorded material. Having said that... the second song they played is a dead ringer for Madonna's "Dress You Up". Seriously, at least in the verses - it matches identically. If i had the foggiest notion of how to work out a Mash-Up, I'd be on that.

The Music @ The Bowery

i love this band. i loved them from their first song at the bowery last february, i listened to nothing but their first album all the while i was on the beach in st. thomas last year and i can't wait to get my hot little hands on their new one. now the first time I saw the music i was dead center, front of the stage... Robert was practically standing on my head for much of the set, and I couldn't tear my eyes away - so i have no idea what was going on behind me. This time around, I spent most of the show towards the back bar and wow! I've never seen an audience dance so much in my entire life. Rave on at the Bowery!!! Also, seriously, somebody get Ultra some glow sticks, the girl was bustin' some serious moves, she could give any of those club kids a run for their money.

The Sons of Sound at Pianos

right. Dennis, Scott & Doug are destined to be rockstars. that's pretty much all there is to it. they continue to dazzle me with the progression of their songs from simple sweet melodic stylings into full on rock anthems. The new stuff is amazing, what has been recorded and mixed will knock your socks clean off. and i know the music more than stands on it's own, and that Dennis' lyrics can melt even the hardest heart, but really... is there a prettier guitarist in all of new york to gaze at? i think not. total BUZZ.

The Polyphonic Spree at Irving

i never wanted to run away and joint eh circus when i was little. i'm thinking about making up for that now. oh, don't mock me - i dare you to go to a Polyphonic Spree show and not find yourself wondering if they have room for just one more on that tour bus. Jed and i had been discussing ahead of time if our "first time" with the spree would be a religious experience, and boy was it ever. the colors, the smiles, the tambourines echoing from every corner of the sold-out crowd, for the love of god... the THEREMIN!!! i didn't have so much as a single drink at Irving, and yet i left on a complete high. if music IS in fact a drug... The Polyphonic Spree is the lithium. my cynical side looks up at the stage and says that is one seriously drugged out hippy boy who lucked out hard core and goddamn if he isn't pulling off the scam of the century but then the harp or the flute or the "bah-bah's" kick in, and I'm sold all over again - ready to give up all my earthy possessions to follow them around preaching love and life and laughter to anyone with an ear for a joyful noise. God Bless the Polyphonic Spree... i so wish i could have made it back to see them on wednesday.