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I know we probably shouldn't do this...

yee haw!!!

check me out... admit it, you didn't think I'd get both posts in today, but i DID IT!!!!!!! woohoo

As you were.


oh friday. day of my being exhausted from thursday. day of my napping, of watching my new Harry Potter (::wink, wink::), of checking out the opening ceremonies in Athens...

ohhhh. i almost forgot! Friday was John Williams Day! The day at work wherein we did nothing but find and listen to sound clips of John Williams' music... It was brought on my googling Olympic Themes until I found "Bugler's Dream / Olympic Fanfare" which you cna hear ad nauseum on NBC for the duration of the games...

The Upwelling. I'm at a loss... really I am. I liked this band straight away - back when I first set about googling for them I remember sitting and listening to the ep on their site incessantly for hours... Then they were pushed aside by drama, and shows and new bands to see. And then I met Josh Upwelling at the Bowery one night, and he slapped an ep in my had and said, "Pink Flyod meets Depechemode" so I listened to it at work the next day, decided he was way off base, but determined it was still quite good, and then it got lost in a pile. Now, there were dots... but I didn't connect them. It took a second EP handed to me by Ari Upwelling sometime in March to realize that it was all the same band... I know, I can be a little dense. But then, it happened. I made it out to see them one night at Pianos. And it was worth the wait. They enchanted me. Such a full sound from just a trio, such lush melodies, such incredible presence, such... an indescribable sound. The problem with the Upwelling is that they're actually unique, you can't just pick two bands to mash up & expect that to explain their sound... it's too varied, too much an extension of them as individuals... or, christ, I don't know, but it's something. Friday night I missed at least half their set, and I was kicking myself as soon as I realized that I would have to settle for a mere 20 minutes of their time. Now, it's important to note that they PACKED the Mercury Lounge - which is not easily accomplished. The had over 140 at the door, and a lot of that crowd was young, and perhaps wholly by coincidence... many of them seemed to have the attention span of a flea. But that happens at EVERY packed show I've ever seen at the Merc... the rear third of the room is the "the talkers" domain, and consequently standing back there makes it nearly impossible to hear the band with any clarity. Unfortunately this is where I was stuck. But I managed to move into a circle of talkers who had fallen under the band's spell and once I did, I was sold all over again. Please, please, please... go see this band.

After tearing ourselves away from the Merc, our posse (Read: Nora, Jed, Peter, Steve, Alex Tween, and Peter's two lovely friends) made our way over to the Williamsburg for the "Tarts of Pleasure" party at Red & Black. Commence serious drinking, commence serious fun. I talked, I laughed, I thre back Vodka Tonics, I danced my ass off to Sarah & Karen's audio selections. I couldn't throw a rock in any direction with out hitting a letter of the greek alphabet, and if I wasn't high enough off of all the attention, I'm pretty sure the tequila put me over the edge. Suffice to say my evening could have ended there and I would have been brilliantly happy, but there was more - like my rockstar crush, who is actually becoming my rockstar friend (because not even rockstars are immune to my "i'll turn into your confidant" powers) and the late night arrival of cute-possibly-britsh-boy who, are you even ready for this? Confessed to having a crush on ME. wtf? I immediately laughed and told him he was lying, but I don't even care if he was... it was the sweetest, sweetest thing to say. So - at that point? I could have floated home at that point too, but a) I was hammered, and 2) there's more. So you knew that one of these days that whole concept of the booty call was going to work out for me, right? Yep ::insert shit-eating grin:: Sometimes it's good to be me, because no matter how jaded I think I am, people still surprise me all the time in the best possible ways. Don't read into it, I'm not about to declare my undying love for anybody anytime soon, it was just kind of nice to have a night with no strings, no baggage, no emotional ghosts attached, you know?

Saturday started out as a day of rest and wound up that way as well. I decided to ensure taking the night off by driving to Storrs, CT to help move Audra into her new apartment for the semester. It worked. We ate way too much at a local Italian Place and then zoned out watching Men's Gymnastics and Season Six of SatC on dvd. I treasured my downtime. I had enough fun on Friday to last me the whole damn weekend.and I knew this week would be insane.

Already last night we had the KIllers - who were so good, but whom I can't talk about because I have to dash off to see my 14th VICIOUS tonight at Rothko.

ohhhh and my apologies to anyone who tried to communicte with me via my royally FUCKED UP cell phone this weekend. It sucked my ass, but it seems to be behaving itself now.