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oh, I've been neglecting you all terribly haven't I?
Let's remedy that post-haste.

Thursday night's Luna Lounge extravaganza was tremendous. In no particular order, the magic mirror saw Paul, Peter, Dennis, Audrey, Erica, STEVE (back from the dead - or really, Scotland), Nora & Danielle, Sarah, Karen, Loveleigh, Alex, Craig, and many many more...
We had a blast. The GoStation put on a really wonderful show despite certain inadequacies on the part of the Luna's sound equipment. They had the largest draw I'd seen from them since perhaps Tiswas? And, much to my delight, not ONLY did they finally play When I'm Gone, (which was retooled, yet still charming) but they dedicated it to yours truly. eeeeeee! I smiled the hugest smile. After all, it was the first ever song ever publicly dedicated to me from the stage (hard to believe when you consider that while I was with K I attended ALL of his band's shows for nearly two years... given he was the drummer, but still...) They had the crowd pogoing & screaming along to "the hits" and then proceeded to TEAR UP Moonlight, good god - Matt, god bless his rock and roll heart, is seriously going to wind up with Shaken Baby Syndrome if he keeps playing like that!

In between sets, we jaunted off to the Delancey with Erica to chat up Kari for a bit - and as far as I can tell, the Delancey really ought to be hopping on Thursday aside from my birthday party -- there are some pretty heavily buzzed bands playing (like Shelby), and the after party for The Burning Brides / Explosion - bands I, personally have never heard of, but whom I thank all the same for providing my guests with an hour's worth of free beer.

Then it was time for Morning Theft. They are my new rock GODS. Seriously, each MT gig I have attended has been exponentially better than the last. Rob's voice is simply amazing. He is the Kurt for our generation - if you can't hear that, you're deaf. They're loud, they're tight as all hell and I can not WAIT to see them again.

We stuck around to chat some after the show. I rescued a few members of the GoStation from wanna-be-in-the-video groupies, my sister managed to blurt out why she was peeling the labels off her beer bottles to a rather stunned Doug, and with that, we ran uptown to see my non-biological lil' sis (and one of Audra's bff's from THS) Alison for her 22nd birthday. We caused quite the raucous, as it was basically the Tuckahoe Girls (us plus Amy and a newly blonded Becky) & a bevy of older men (I keep trying to warn these young'un's but lord knows they don't listen to me) so of course this called for shots all around, some serious eyelash batting, and a round of patten-ed TG rapid-fire banter

From there we ran back on down to the Delancey to chill with onthepull and thegostation kicking back in the velvet booths and talking until the wee-est of hours.

Friday... Was insane. And I will post it separately, but I promise it will be up before I leave here for vicious tonight.