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okay - first things first...

BQ's band? is actually good!!!

So good, in fact, that I think I might have inadvertently agreed to be their "pretend manager". Really what happened was that I offered to help them book a few shows at which point BQ announced that I was managing them to which I replied with a "nooooooooo", to which Pancakes responded with a "Well, can you maybe pretend to be our manager... like we could tell people you were - only you really wouldn't have to do anything"... and well folks, how can you say no to that? So I am the "pretend" manager of Johnny Pancakes & The Young Republicans (did I mention they really ought to solidify a band name?) OH, I should say something about the music, no? ummm, so bad at this... more of a straight-forward rock than we're used to these day: no keyboards, prominent melodic bass lines, a return to the joy that is the short & sweet guitar solo, I racked my brain to come up with comparisons last night, but got stuck... they'd sound like someone specific, but before I could put my finger on who it was, they'd be off sounding like someone else. Regardless, just trust me on this one - your ears will not be disappointed ;)

Now, back to the business of celebrating my 27 years on this earth...

Next Thursday, August 19th
(that's one week from today folks)

10 PM until Whenever
(and some of you better stay out til some serious whenever with me as I've got Friday off)

At The Delancey
( Delancey Street between Attorney & Clinton.... right alongside the Williamsburg Bridge)

Attendance is Mandatory!
::insert wagging tongue::

If the weather's nice we'll be lounging topside on the roof, if not, you'll find us hiding out in the swanky back room pretending to be celebs... either way, there's some free beer happening from 12:30 - 1:30, and I've heard rumours of cake, so come on down & help me do the night up right!!!

[sidebar... some of you are djs. some of you are djs that get paid to dj. I am poor, and it is my birthday, and if you want to spin a set at the Delancey I can not pay you, but I will kiss your head and squeal with delight]

Now... TONIGHT, we have an all-together different all-star event:

Get thee to the Luna Lounge by 8:30 tonight to catch a band that barely needs an introduction on this site anymore, The GoStation, come & see that all my ranting & raving has been warranted!!

Then stick around to see Morning Theft - the band that's growing on me like a fungus... in a good way. um, wait, can fungus grow in a good way? Well, they're loud and lovely and fun and they will rock your socks, so come and see for yourself.

And as IF these two fantastic bands weren't enough of a lure for you... both shows are FREE. As in - no cost to you the music fan. How great is that? Everybody loves free! Plus there's a fooseball table, and let's face it... everybody loves fooseball too.

AND, my sister's coming. So double the giggles & double the fun :)

two thoughts for the road...

Daft Punk's One More Time is totally our generation's Celebrate ala Kool & The Gang.

And for the love of all that is good & holy in this world... will somebody bring back Q-Feel's Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)!!?? I forgot how much I loved that song until yesterday!!!!