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I'm being lame again, I realize I still have to get to my weekend, but let me just share a few thoughts with you:

* Ted Leo is my new hero for covering Rush's Spirit Of Radio last night at the SPIN offices. a gargantuan thank you to Peter for getting me there.

* This was a little uncanny, as having rifled through my cassette collection yesterday morning in search of "The Heathers" demo... Sidebar: The Heathers are sadly one of the best bands you'll never hear. Lucky for you, the man behind the band went looking for a new love and found it. Go here and worship The Forms. They deserve your praise, adulation, and whatever change or alcohol you can spare. [/sidebar] I pulled out about 4 tapes for vehicular listening... one of the said tapes was a compilation of Rush songs that I made about a million years ago with K's cds (as i had lost my copy of Chronicles somewhere along the line)

* Inspired by Mr. Leo, I played Rush all the way home. In doing so I realized that I have very specific associations to many of their songs... while any Rush in general will always make me think of K, Red Barchetta makes me think of Mike Henry & the heavy chevy, Subdivisions (which, in case you were wondering is my favorite rush song) makes me think of te Burnt Van, Fly By Night makes me think of Kevin Lynch, Tom Sawyer makes me think of Kristine Hamilton (and also of Bryan Singer's abysmal Apt Pupil, his much anticipated follow-up to quite possibly the best movie ever.)

* As a direct result of a nostalgia overload triggered by the sounds of my favorite prog-rock trio, I took it upon myself to pull one of my "drive-by loops" for old time's sake. (up california, down manchester, over to Lincoln, left on Columbus, back up Fisher & 22 home) It was a hoot.

* To add to the RUSH coincidences, they are playing Jones Beach tonight, and i really, really really, wish I was going.

* BQ better put out tonight as I am dragging my tired ass down to the city in the RAIN to see his band play. (just kidding. well, kinda.)

* Ashley's birthday was yesterday. She drank too much. Tonight she will be in the NYC and I'm thinking of taking her out for ice cream or dessert or something... if you know and love Ashley like I do, you should join us. Call me around 9 or so & I may have a plan in place by then.

* If you're sitting on your ass tonight and want something better to do, drag yourself down to the Luna Lounge around 8:30 to check out the rock-stylings of Johnny Pancakes & The Young Republicans. I've never seen them, so I can't say for SURE that you'll love them, but I can say that BQ is an incredible music snob & that he wouldn't be caught dead in a no-talent act, so for my money (oh wait, it's FREE) I'm willing to bet I'll be posting a glowing review tomorrow.