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So, it's that time of year again... we're just about two weeks away from my birthday.
Yes, I'm turning 27.
Yes, I'm freaked out by that
it just sounds SO much closer to 30 than 26 did....

Plans... I haven't really made any yet. A few months back I was all keen on throwing a rager, but I think I've let that fall by the way side. I know that Guided by Voices and Ambulance, Ltd are playing a free show at Pier54, so that may get incorporated into the plan... but I suppose I should really look for a bar at some point if I intend to have a gathering - which I know I'll want by the day of, but damn if I don't get mopey about it ahead of time. Regardless, keep your calendars open, I really will want to see all of your smiling faces...

Now, some of you have been fishing for gift ideas which makes me squeal with delight because presents are my second-most favorite thing EVER Of course, all I really desire is your company and some alcohol that I don't have to pay for... but if you really want to show me you love me in a crass and materialistic fashion, who am I to stop you? And if we're going to make believe that my friends consist of trust-fund babies & self made millionaires... a new 4th-gen ipod would pretty much indebt me to you for life and a mini will win you my unabashed adoration for at least a couple years. Now it was also suggested that I might also be accepting ::kisses:: in lieu of gifts this year - - this is an absolute falsehood. There will be no kissing whatsoever... unless you are Jake Ryan, or I am very drunk, in which case I leave it up to you to remind me that there will be no kissing whatsoever. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm ruling out no-strings sex for the evening...

In the mean time, this has made my day.

Oh, and my horoscope is priceless:

Dear Jocelyn,
Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, August 4:
Getting you to hold back from saying anything and everything that's on your mind won't be easy. Easier than dissuading you from pursuing something with everything you've got, maybe, but not easy. Don't be persuaded. Pursue at will.